Straight Man Seeks Advice After Sleeping With His Married Boss

gay-men-bad-in-bedAs a general rule of thumb, it’s usually best not to fool around with your coworkers. One young man is learning that lesson the hard way.

The man, who identifies as straight, but who sounds more bi-curious, recently wrote into advice columnist “Deidre” at The Sun.

“I’m an 18-year-old guy and landed the job of my dreams working for a major men’s fashion store,” the letter begins. “My boss kept making sexual advances towards me. He’s married and in his thirties.”

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According to him, his boss started out by acting “really flirty” and eventually began inviting him out for drinks after work. They hung out a few times, and each time the young man says he “thoroughly enjoyed” it.

“On one of these nights, we had far too much to drink and were over the limit to drive,” he writes. “He suggested getting a room for the night. The drinks continued to flow in the hotel bar and we ended up having the best sex I’ve ever had.”

After their night of unbridled passion, however, the young man says his boss quickly lost interest in him.

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“He says he isn’t gay and doesn’t want to see or talk to me again,” the young man pines. “I didn’t think I was gay but I feel so confused and used. I’ve completely fallen head over heels in love with him but he just says it was a mistake.”

Deidre doesn’t waste any time sharing her thoughts about the young man’s boss.

“He sounds to be conflicted and in denial about his own sexuality,” she writes, “and I’m sorry you fell for his advances.”

“He should have known better especially since, as your boss, he is in a position of responsibility towards you,” she continues, before suggesting the young man file an official complaint with HR.

“This doesn’t mean your underlying sexuality has changed,” she concludes. “You’ve discovered an aspect you don’t seem to have been aware of before.”

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