Straight Men And Women Can’t Contain Jealousy Of Promiscuous Gay Man’s Sexcapades

largeNew York magazine has a regular series called Sex Diaries, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

A guest writer documents a week’s worth of sexual thought and activity — all the hot, messy, depressing, ecstatic and embarrassing ingredients that make up a sex life.

And while they usually chronicle the expected chaos of trying to “figure it all out,” with titles like The College Student Choosing Between Three Men or The Nice-Guy Bachelor Who Wants a Girlfriend, occasionally someone breaks the mold.

Enter this weeks contributor, The Gay TV Producer Subsisting on Sex Parties.

His story reads like the plot of a movie you have to stay up extra late to catch on Showtime, which isn’t to say it’s all that interesting — just extra steamy.

largeThere’s the lunchtime hookups, the crowded sex parties, the reference to his three-month boyfriend as his quote — boyfriend — end quote.

But it’s hard for us not to notice his qualm-free attitude as he navigates emotions and sexual escapades.


And straight commenters took note as well:

misspiggy wrote:

This makes me jealous. Being a woman involves so much more analysis and so much less action. Exhausting.

to which DCSpence replied:

Don’t worry. Us straight men are just as jealous.

RightyTightyWhitey agreed, chiming in:

Man, I sometimes wish I were a gay dude.  Certain things would be so much easier/simpler.


And DCSpence had a lot more to reply to:

Totally agree. One the one hand, it’s difficult, and possibly offensive, to say I wish I was gay. Being gay in the US is a lot better than it used to be, but there still exists the very real possibility of discrimination or worse.

On the other hand, it’s pretty difficult to argue that gay men are not having more fun with sex than straight men are. That’s pretty incredible, considering it was not that long ago that gay sex was considered a death wish. My best friend is a gay man and the stuff I hear from him and his gay friends [some of whom have become my friends] is pretty damn impressive. Including the married ones.

When the right-wingers were arguing that if gays could marry, it would change marriage for ever, I was thinking: GOOD! I’m a married straight man and I know marriage could use a little shaking up — gay dude style! I’m convinced a lot of right-wingers hate gays [especially gay men] because they know gay men are having more fun than they are.

Gay dudes — you’re showing us straight dudes how the world should be. I’m jealous, but in a good way. Carry on!

WASPyJewess had a one-word answer:


Assuming the diarist was telling the truth when he said he always plays safe, we tend to agree with Waspy Jewess on this one.