Straight Men Everywhere Are Finally Admitting They Enjoy Anal Stimulation

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.52.26 PMIt’s 2014 and straight men are finally ready to admit that they enjoy anal stimulation — both “giving” and “receiving,” that is.

A thoroughly researched essay titled “The Booty-Eating Renaissance” appeared on Gawker yesterday morning like a final notice to straight dudes everywhere: the days of wincing at “anilingus” are over, and it’s time they realized that “gay men don’t have a monopoly on anuses.”

The hetero male’s crusade to take back anilingus (a term that, FYI, is very different from “rim job”) began months ago in GQ and NY magazine — we even explored the phenomenon back in July —  but reporter Tyrone Palmer’s piece for Gawker goes a step further. He’s pretty much already accepted that anilingus is the current trend, and wants to figure out why some straight guys still aren’t ready to say it.

Why does “booty eating” make implications about my sexuality?, he wonders aloud.

He traces the current rise of “booty eating” through super-masculine hip-hop culture up to Fly Young Red, the gay Houston rapper who wanted to normalize gay culture and empower feminine men with his debut hit single “Throw That Boy Pussy”. We guess it worked?

Palmer says:

Trick Daddy, Alkaline, Brian Pumper, Drake (allegedly), and countless gay men (such as rapper Fly Young Red, whose viral hit “Throw That Boy Pussy” included the line “Hold it open, I’ma eat it like a Pac-Man”) publicly extoll the pleasures of receiving anilingus for one reason—it feels good. There are physiological reasons for this—primarily the large amount of nerves endings around the anus. Certainly, there are a number of straight men who privately enjoy receiving anilingus. If sex is about a loss of control and giving into pleasure, why is admitting that you enjoy a highly pleasurable act so rife with implications about your sexuality? The public expression of masculinity is one without much space for vulnerability; and, let’s face it, bending over in front of someone’s face is a fairly vulnerable position to be in.

We’re sure the origins of “booty eating” are debatable, but there’s one point here that definitely is not. “Booty eating” is now officially a thing among heterosexuals.

Photo: Andrew Christian

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  • QJ201

    you have to lick it before you stick it

  • Black Pegasus

    Yeah sure.. So because some magazine article writes about heterosexual men and their filthy booty holes, we’re to beloeve “it’s a glorious new day” in the realm of butt sex and it’s perception?


  • Sansacro

    Good luck getting most women to do.

  • Sansacro


  • Billy Budd

    Here in Brazil MANY straight men ask prostitutes to stick a finger in while having sex, or ask them to lick it. But men do NOT ask their wives or girlfriends to do it. It simply does not happen. That is the Brazilian way. Things are done, but not officially, only in hiding.

  • Tracy Pope

    @Black Pegasus: Yes. Because, well, you know… clickbait.

  • Hillers

    @QJ201: +5 points! Throwback to Roula’s “Lick It.” 1995 up in here.

  • blackberry finn

    @Black Pegasus: “Filthy booty holes”? You sound like one of those homophobic straight women who leave negative comments on gay Youtube videos, who think all women are saints and all men are “perverts” and who think, narcissistically, that only the female body should be an object of desire. Do I have your number?

  • Njmtpa

    Straight European men have been on the receive ing end of anal stimulation for centuries. They openly talk about it also and is not taboo.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Sansacro: Getting most women to do it? How about good luck getting most gay men to do it? Gay porn aside, the jury is out on the prevalence of gay men and analingus. More than a few of us aren’t down with anal sex and substantially more will not even consider eating ass.

  • ppp111

    @blackberry finn:
    I think in this country, and most Western thinking, the female body is the one that should be adored and sexually worshipped. Heck, even progressive straight women believe that. Ever hear Hollywood starlets talk of how lovely the female body is and how they love it? Then you have straight men practically jumping up and down agreeing. In all fairness though, while many women believe their body is perfect there are many, many more who don’t like women’s bodies being sexually exploited at all. If you ever have a chance to see a great documentary called Misrepresentation don’t wait. Great program of how American sexualizes women and ignores or reduces anything else they achieve. Also remember the vast majority of women today aren’t size 4. Most likely size 10 or above will be the average dress size. Anyway, just my two cents.

  • Mikah

    Nothing new under the sun.There is nothing that Gay/Bi men do,that straight men don’t do.For example,it’s already been statistically proven that heteros engage in anal sex far more than we do.

    Having your anus stimulated is associated with being “Gay”,so obviously straight men in our homophobic hetero-centric society will have an idiotic irrational fear towards it.It’s great that sexuality is slowly but surely gaining more liberation.

    A man’s ass is one of the sexiest parts of the body,and should be treated as such,regardless of sexual labels.

    Lets keep pushing sexuality and gender into the gray area,it’s not black and white.

  • robho3


  • Joincny

    Who cares what straight men like? Why do you always talk about them on here?

  • Black Pegasus

    @Tracy Pope: LOL you’re right about “click bait”. I almost forgot that Queerty was never the New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.

  • SteveDenver

    I’ve observed a few guys who were so concerned about ass play defining them as gay, they freaked out at their girlfriend massaging or attempting to slip them a finger.

    A woman friend dates damn hot guys and one of her pleasures is a double-headed strap-on. She makes sultry jokes with a wink: “You do me, then I’ll do you.” We know that every guy she’s dating takes it up the ass from her. It’s her way of weeding out guys who have sexual anxiety she just doesn’t want.

    Guys, your asses are for more than just sitting and sh!tting. Still hesitant? “GOD” gave you a prostate and one way to reach it. Deal.

  • Tommysole

    I have been licking assholes since I was 8 years old, and this is news?

  • Chris

    Men are men. All our bodies can be stimulated in much the same ways. Where we differ is in who we like to do the stimulating and who we like to stimulate.

  • MarionPaige

    Who quotes Gawker? Who doesn’t know Gawker is smoke and mirrors?

  • Milk

    @OrchidIslander: This is very much has to do with the issue of personal hygiene. One would normally do not perform analingus on a casual encounter. Even with a long term partner, there’s a lot of preparation goes with it just like the porn actors do before shooting.

  • Billy Budd

    In my entire life, I only licked a guy’s as* ONCE. I don’t like doing it because of personal hygiene issues. Also, you can get hepatitis if you do it. But if a guy wants to lick MINE, I will most likely allow him, even though I will never formally request it.

    I prefer to have a guy play with my As* with his fingers while he performs oral sex in me. It feels BETTER than having your as* licked. Much better.

  • inbama

    OMG. Are y’all actually rimming guys who haven’t douched?

  • buffnightwing

    My friend got amoebas from eating ass and he was sick for over a two months. NOT worth it.

  • Lovelife

    @Joincny I get your frustration. It’s really very annoying to find a GAY site giving so much attention to what straight guys do. When in actuality ,a straight site doesn’t even give gay people a mention.

  • Saint Law

    @Billy Budd: “while he performs oral sex in me”.

    If your anus is large enough to admit a lover AND his partner then it’s time to kegel.

  • Matt

    All you have to do is look at the names of the “famous” people they mentioned in the article, lowlifes at their finest. I’m not sure why some people feel they have to do what dogs do. Society has really gone to the dogs. It’s only time before we’ll be expected to accept pedophilia and beastiality. The best kind of fudge is found at a candy store.

  • Curtispsf

    Straight men now cruising gay clubs in search of guys willing to have their dicks sucked on the down low. Clickbait, clickbait brought to you by Queerty.

  • Silas Wegg

    It seems so unnatural for a woman to eat a man’s ass

  • Presty15

    This is no earth shattering or sign team of the times. I ran a couple different restaurantS back in the early 1990 and the gossip mill at this one had new details hitting every day right when the s
    Doors opened for lunch. I hired a nice looking waitress, Leslie. Smart, quick study on the pos system, it appeared to me after a day or two that was a team panther and a good hire. After week one, she was rumored to be dating three of the most eligible bachelors on the floor. I had to wonder why the top 3, married or living with their significant other. No argument, business as usual, so when the moment hits and we slowing down for the evening. And so I asked Ryan, hot guy number one for his take on Leslie’s popularity increase.

    Ryan had to whisper, the floor still had some action

    “She rims,’ he said kinda shyly. A gal that cute, not a whole lotta conversation yet, but get out of your jeans, and don’t be too worried about underwear, as soon as your ass is clear, her lips and tongue are there till you drop load 1. And then I added, you wanna keep this going, next time, return the deal.

    Gross. That’s Ryan’s last word on female to make eating ass

  • Billy Budd

    @Saint Law: I think you misunderstood what I said. I said that I like a person to play with my ass with his fingers while he sucks my dick and my balls. I think that is a very normal thing.

  • John Mulholland

    How sad that we so over think sex, that we seem unable to simply enjoy the buzz.

  • wpewen

    I look at this site for sheer amusement. Continually mixing politics w/ porn.
    Even when I was a young gay guy I looked at this type of info with little or no interest. I’d suggest not getting involved with what straight guys like unless you are getting in the sack with one. Believe me, this is NOT what the gay men’s movement intended us to be. At 56, I can speak cause I was there. Put it in your pants and carry on.

  • tdx3fan

    @Billy Budd: You can only get Hep A that way and there is a vaccine for Hep A btw. Plus, the person that is getting their ass licked has to be a carrier for Hep A as well. Its not like, oops I licked a but I have Hep A now.

    I have no problem performing it on my partner when he lets me because he is extremely clean and if he even remotely feels unclean he isn’t letting me anywhere near his hole. Its something I personally enjoy doing though… even though I am a bottom mostly!

  • TeaForTwo

    I don’t understand why it seems unnatural for a woman to do it. This is just labelling again. We are all sexual beings. It is the only label we should need.

  • Doug

    @OrchidIslander: Speak for yourself, I’m an ass man all the way.

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