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Straight passenger gets payout after filming male cruise worker asking about his sexuality

A P&O cruise liner
A P&O cruise liner (Photo: Shutterstock)

A British man has been given a “four-figure” payment by the owners of P&O Cruises after a cruise worker quizzed him about his sexuality.

Lewis Meehan, 27, is a nightclub manager from Nottingham, England. He filmed the encounter and shared the video with The Nottingham Post.

A soccer fan, after watching his team win a match on TV, Meehan returned to his cabin and decided to order a pizza in the early hours of January 23.

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A crew member delivered the pizza. Meehan was wearing just boxer shorts when he answered the cabin door. He said he was bemused when the male crew worker complimented him on having a nice body.

A short while later, the crew member telephoned his room and said he needed to return to collect payment.

Meehan says he was suspicious about this and set his phone up to record what happened.

Watch below.

Although the phone was pointed upwards, on the audio, the room service waiter can be heard asking Meehan if he is straight. When Meehan replies that he is, the crew worker asks him several times if he’s sure.

“No, no, no, that’s not what I’m into,” says Meehan when the crew worker says, “Please.”

When it’s clear Meehan is not budging, the crew worker says, “But please don’t complain about it.”

“No, I won’t complain, I won’t,” replies Meehan.

“So sorry,” apologizes the crew worker, who then leaves.

Meehan later complained and the cruise operator said the worker was removed at the next stop on the Caribbean cruise.

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Carnival UK, which owns P&O, is understood to have given Mr. Meehan a payout of four figures.

“I was bigger than him and felt OK handling the situation, but I worried about it happening to someone more vulnerable. He could escalate and something much worse could happen,” Meehan told the newspaper.

“It was just so unexpected – it totally ruined our holiday. My sister was really scared by it.”

A spokesperson for Carnival UK said: “We take any allegation of improper behavior extremely seriously and we are conducting a thorough investigation.”