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Straight Persons Responsible For Massaging Athletes Don’t Care If A Pulled Groin Belongs To A Gay

Heterosexual athletic trainers — the men and women responsible for preventing and treating sports injuries — simply don’t care of the athletes they’re working with are gay, lesbian, or bi, concludes a first-of-its-kind study. Quizzing 964 straight trainers, researchers at Ohio University and Angelo State University found more than 85 percent of respondents had at least “somewhat positive” views of gays, while 15 percent held negative views. (Mormon respondents were the most likely to hold the latter stance.) Not surprisingly, trainers who themselves knew LGB people were the most likely to hold supportive views. So next time you’re tackled on the field and end up with a concussion, don’t worry about babbling how adorable your trainer is. They’re fine with it. [Journal of Athletic Training, via]