Still Hatin'

Straight Pride organizer insists event will take place, even after the city council blocked it

Don Grundmann

Don Grundmann, one of the organizers of the racist/homophobic Straight Pride event in Modesto, CA, now insists the event will move forward despite denials by the city council.

“There’s many many new plans, five at least, maybe ten” Grundmann told ">CBS. “We’re just waiting for the bureaucratic response, the bureaucratic wheels to grind, and they can grind very slowly.”

The Modesto city council denied permits for Straight Pride, scheduled to take place August 24 in a local park. Straight Pride organizers failed to secure proper insurance for the event, which led to the council denying permits. A spokesperson for the city insists that the denial of the permits had nothing to do with the group’s hate leanings. “We still have the requirement of insurance and a new location that will be more conducive to this type of event,”  said spokesperson Thomas Reeves. “We are certainly not telling him or his supporters that he does not have a right to gather.”

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Gundmann stayed mum when it came to the “new plans” for Straight Pride. He did, however, make a veiled threat to the city of Modesto, hinting that the event could incite violence. “The violence is all an issue because the City Council lady smeared us,” he said. “And essentially, in fishing terms, she chummed the waters for violence.”

Don Grundmann has a long history of homophobia and racism. He previously formed a group called Citizens Against Perversion designed to attack queer people, with a specfic eye toward transgender people. The group also attacked abortion rights. Earlier this month, Grundmann became something of an internet celebrity after he “accidentally” referred to Straight Pride as a “totally peaceful racist group” during a city council meeting. His words invited sarcastic applause and laughter from the room, including members of the council itself.