“Straight Cap” Screws Gay Softball Team

There’s some major drama going down in the world of gay softball!

Top team D2, which hails from San Francisco, found itself disqualified from the Gay World Series after a “review” found that six of their players were straight, a violation of officials rules stating a gay team can only have two straight members.

The team’s furious, of course, and plan on appealing the disqualification.

Vincent Suquay, Commissioner of San Francisco’s Gay Softball League, says he has major problems with how the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance handled the matter:

My understanding is [that players] were read a definition of what a homosexual person was and what a gay person was. How they responded was used to determine whether they were gay or straight. Not one person when they responded ever actually said they were straight. These were not new players; they had played in six Gay World Series already. As long as I’ve been involved with NAGAA, nobody before has been disqualified.

Suquay also takes issue with the hetero-capping, which he calls discriminatory. It’s also a bit offensive, if you ask us, as if straights are inherently better players, an advantage, than the gays. But, then again, it is the gay world series, an idea that in and of itself strikes us as queer. We’re more of the cheer leading type. Go gays!