Fired For Not Being A Fagala

Straight Sues “Discriminating” Gays

There’s a battle brewing in Los Angeles. Former AIDS/LifeCycle organizer Jeffrey Shapiro filed a discrimination lawsuit against the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and LA’s Gay and Lesbian Community Center after being fired “for being straight”.

LA’s CBS affiliate reports:

According to the lawsuit, Shapiro was hired in March and received praise for his work, which generated a record $11 million compared to $8 million the previous year.

But he claims LAGLC and SFAF leaders held a meeting with Shapiro in June and fired him, telling him that “everybody liked him as a person, but they needed somebody who better fit into the culture.”

He said that when he asked for a clarification, a LAGLC director told him “things like this happen and that they made a mistake to think this could work.”

The bosses weren’t entirely heartless, he says: they gave him two weeks wage. Now Shapiro’s seeking unspecified damages. He’s also asked for an injunction prohibiting the activists from breaking another breeder’s heart. If Shapiro’s telling the truth, his bosses should be ashamed of themselves.