Straight Texas Club Boots Gay Couple For Violating “Same-Sex Dancing Ban”

Untitled3A dance club for heterosexuals (yes, they exist!) in Victoria, Texas is being slammed this week after ousting a gay couple for dancing together during a country music song. The director of operations at Cactus Canyon claims he was trying to “maintain the peace,” though we’re pretty sure he was just jealous of the couple’s superior dance skills.

Interestingly enough, 30-year-old James Douglas and 21-year-old Justin Meyer claim they were allowed to dance together during rap and hip-hop songs, but were strictly forbidden to twerk it out whenever a sacred Southern country tune was played. Of the “hundreds of times” the couple has frequented the bar, they claim this is the first time they’ve ever been threatened with arrest and asked to leave.

“Why is it not okay for me to dance with my boyfriend when there are girls here who dance together all the time,” Meyer asked the Victoria Advocate, adding that “it’s okay for me to bump and grind my boyfriend to the song ‘Bubble Butt,’ but we can’t dance a two-step.”

At the time, Cactus Canyon’s Robert Dillender allegedly informed the couple that the club had a policy banning same-sex couples from dancing. He has since denied the accusations by offering a simpler excuse that the couple was “being disruptive” and suggesting they would be ill-equipped if their dancing sparked a violent attack.

“We’ve never kicked anyone out for dancing,” Dillender added. He has since apologized for the “misunderstanding” and claims Cactus Canyon is reviewing their discriminatory anti-gay dancing policy. Meanwhile, the shocked couple has been offered assistance from the ACLU of Texas.

“We didn’t want to create a problem,” said Douglas. “We just wanted answers as to why we couldn’t dance together.”

[Photo: Pink News]