Straights 2005: So Gay!


Yesterday we brought you the gayest music of the past year. This time we answer the question “What straights were So Gay in 2005?” Here are our picks. We’re going to refrain from making any Kenny Chesney jokes. Oops, too late!

5. Martha Stewart. The persnickety domestic goddess we all secretly want to be more like had a rollercoaster year. After being locked up with a bunch of female prisoners (we just know she had a bitch of her own behind bars), she busted out bigger than ever. Sure her short-lived version of The Apprentice had a lame catchphrase, but we still watched every week.

4. Sharon Stone. Out magazine slapped her on its list of the 100 most noteworthy gay and straight allies for the year. But it wasn’t her short dykey ‘do that got her on that list or ours. It’s her love for The Gays. She’s been a strong supporter of both gay rights and AIDS research as the Chair of amfAR. Next up for Ms. Stone: reprising her role as bi femme fatale in Basic Instinct 2. We can’t wait.

Kanye West.jpg

3. Gavin Newsom. We know that it was last year that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom allowed gays to marry in his city, but he makes our 2005 list because he continues to be an incredibly outspoken proponent of gay rights. Just this month he pulled out as honorary co-chairman of a benefit for a Tennesse congressman who voted in favor of a ban on same-sex marriage. Take that right wingers.

2. Kanye West. This year superstar Kanye West had the balls to stand up against homophobic lyrics in hip hop. Not something that happens often (if at all) in the music world, where artists like Eminem take cheap shots at the gay community as often as they can. Not only did he not lose any cred, he gained a hell of a lot more respect from everyone, mostly from us gays.

Our number one het for 2005 after the jump.

Ang Lee.jpg

1. Ang Lee. It was a big risk for two straight Hollywood studs to take on roles as cowboys who end up banging each other inside a pup tent for the whole world to see in Brokeback Mountain. But it was an even bigger risk for director Ang Lee. He was the one who got those cowboys on that mountain in the first place. He not only bravely took on a film so many other directors were afraid to tackle, but he told the story effectively and without copping out on any of the steamy love scenes. This film guarantees that gays will be more than just queenie comic relief in future films. And for that we are grateful.