Street Preacher Believes Gays Are “Intolerant” Of Christianity, Comes To Pride For Arguments

Look! We found someone that may actually get along with Pat Robertson!

This crazy street preacher comes courtesy of Toronto’s Gay Pride festival last weekend, where he stood in the center of a giant gay dance party peddling pamphlets about God’s love and Christ’s forgiveness. After three minutes of talking circles around himself, he deems a young Pride-goer “intolerant” for telling him that it probably wasn’t the best location to scout for God’s army.

Like something out of a Daily Show skit, this Christian preacher believes he has “revealed the enshrined secret, spirit and teaching behind the gay community: Christians are not allowed and should be fought against, perhaps wiped out.”

The entire time this is happening, you’re treated to a 40,000-watt speaker blasting Jock Jams in your left ear.

He writes on YouTube:

Based upon this man’s words, the natural conclusion of this man’s statement if enshrined in code of law and has the upper hand in society is that if Gay people had their way, Christianity should be banned (It is oppressive), it should be fought against (it is a war), its propogators should be imprisoned (they are the bad guys), society should bar Christians from jobs (Rude for just being there), Christians should be killed (they are the enemy).

Say what?! We didn’t hear any of that.

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  • Jeffrey

    You’re bad news disguised
    Dressed and painted with lies
    But I just can’t see
    When truth is concealed


  • WhyteRabbit

    i think he’s just a little mixed up…. he seems to have “the gays” mixed up with “the fauxtians.”

  • Philip

    Typical, classic way of arguing. Turn the discussion around, so that you are the victim, and continue to pound away in that tone. The trick is to keep saying it, increasing the accusation that you are in fact being attacked. Works every time. The only thing you can do is calmly and quickly move away. This ass is angry, and he came for a fight. Very very cliche.

  • Ogre Magi

    Typical christian crap

  • Philip

    And you know, the more I ponder this shit the more pissed off I get. Why is this man standing on the street corner telling adults that Jesus loves them? I’ll tell you why, it’s not because we don’t know it, it’s not because we are suddenly going to have some kind of epiphany right there in the street, get down on our knees and find God. No, he’s saying it because he thinks we are sick, he thinks we are perverse, and he thinks, no, he is SURE we are going to go to hell when we die. So yeah, I think it is totally fitting that we discriminate against him, get all bigot on him, get our hater on at him. There are countless churches for just this purpose, we are completely aware of where they are should we need them and he is about as Christian as my cat asleep upstairs on my bed is.

  • Nikkidane

    You can’t argue with stupid. Maybe he should go to Saudi Arabia or other Moslem countries or to India or China or Asian countries that are Buddhists or Hindu etc. and tell them all how they are going to Hell. He’s lucky someone didn’t beat the crap out of him.
    These people stand there and tell you that you’re an abomination and they think the gays are being intolerant.

  • crowebobby

    I’ll drink to all that.

  • Robbiejean

    The irony is that in the parade there were at least 5 separate groups representing churches that accepted and embraced homosexuality, people marriage and all. He is part of that sad-yet vocal-minority, one that can’t see love when is it dancing in front of their faces.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Philip: Why is he standing on the street corner? Because the idiot can’t find a building or the money to start a church. The “people” KNOW what this guy is up to!!! And it’s not good!

  • dvsBTM

    Two words: Street Preacher. It means nothing.

  • Harley

    Three words. “Machine gun preacher”. Lol.

  • Shadeaux

    It’s easy to make yourself the victim when you know there’s a camera. The fact that you “claim” to be a christian and is at a gay pride event stating that GOD LOVE YOU.., means there’s a HIGH probability that you’re there to let gays know what the bible says about homosexuality. He could have gone anywhere and told anyone that. Why pick that day and the pride event? GOD also LOVES “truth” and “honesty”. Being vague about your true agenda is still a lie.

  • Cam

    Yes, the same way that rape victims are “Intolerant” of the rapists opinion that he should rape them.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @Jeffrey: A man who can quote Bananarama? Now that’s hot.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @Cam: Or perhaps the way slaves were intolerant of their slave masters.

  • mikeincleveland

    This was a set up and the parade attendees here fell for it.

    The religious right’s new attack mode theme is to “prove” that gay’s are “Intolerant” of anyone of faith, specifically Christians, set up confrontations like this and, literally, pray to God that someone who isn’t good in debate situations and is rather ignorant on Biblical teachings takes the bait. Meanwhile, they will film the whole thing for YouTube proof of “discrimination and bigotry” (and Republican politicians, bloggers and media hosts then take it all and run it in for the touchdown.)

    So if you’re going to get into it in public with one of these types and you can see that anyone around you has a phone or camera filming the whole thing, just know your shit and realize when the debate is being steered into their home-turf of the argument.

  • Cam


    The thing is, the battle is already lost for them. They can try to set up little things like this to try to raise money from their dwindling flock, but once public opinion swung the media has come on board and this guy is fighting a war of attrition. Their funding has already dropped by nearly 40%.

  • JimboinLA

    Ladies, please.
    We need to stop arguing with brainwashed bigots
    Members of The Cult of Christianity are brainwashed and trained in how to argue with logic.
    ‘Jesus loves you’ is the sheep’s cloak that the wolf of ‘homosexuality is a sin’ engages you with.
    This man calling people who don’t tolerate his intolerance ‘bigots’ exemplifies this type of brainwashing.
    Logic will never apply.
    Simply tell them their Bible is bull shit and no excuse for discrimination then ask them their opinions on slavery and shellfish and pork.
    There is no logical reasoning with these people but you can use their arguments to make them look foolish.
    I once asked one of these people if he thought God could turn my water bottle into a dancing monkey and of course he walked into my trap and said yes.
    I said “The is no way this water bottle could ever turn into a dancing monkey not by your God, nor Harry Potter, nor Gandolf, nor even Samantha Stevens could ever do that. You are a fool for thinking a water bottle can turn be turned into a dancing monkey and I don’t argue with fools.” Everyone around me laughed at him and he felt foolish and that was that.

  • Dionte

    Yes I am intolerant of anyone trying to force their beliefs on anyone else, especially people with make believe friends.

  • Kangol

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t also trolling for potential partners and showed up later that evening at a gay bar. Incognito, of course.

  • varanus

    What you guys are failing to see is the gay man in the video is being intolerant of Christianity. Not all Christians hate gays I know this I’m a bisexual Christian and I have many Christian friends what that man was possibly saying is God loves you regardless of your sexual orientation. From the looks of the video the gay man started the argument. The gay man also thinks that because the guy is Christian he can’t call him a bigot when gays can definitely be bigots. Both of them are in the wrong but the Christian was only wrong because he probably is homophobic even though he did not say anything derogatory, but the gay community distorts the truth because they believe
    The cChristian community is always out to get them

  • Stache1

    @varanus: Sweety enough with your false sense of outrage. Why don’t you save that for your fellow “Dead Jew on a Stick” followers.

    As one commentator pointed out there were other religious people there too that were very welcome. I welcome people of faith to join too. What was wrong was this little loudmouthed shit was “only” there to coerce and shame people while getting his 5 minutes of fame on camera. If you can’t see the difference then your just another lying troll.

  • Stache1

    I was just thinking that if the little shit wanted to do some real good he’d save it for the next Tea Party Ralley. Show them the true message of Jesus and all. Love, acceptance, and helping the poor. It’s too bad they don’t want to spend any time actually doing something really good instead of terrorizing people that just want to be left alone.

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