Street Preacher Believes Gays Are “Intolerant” Of Christianity, Comes To Pride For Arguments

Look! We found someone that may actually get along with Pat Robertson!

This crazy street preacher comes courtesy of Toronto’s Gay Pride festival last weekend, where he stood in the center of a giant gay dance party peddling pamphlets about God’s love and Christ’s forgiveness. After three minutes of talking circles around himself, he deems a young Pride-goer “intolerant” for telling him that it probably wasn’t the best location to scout for God’s army.

Like something out of a Daily Show skit, this Christian preacher believes he has “revealed the enshrined secret, spirit and teaching behind the gay community: Christians are not allowed and should be fought against, perhaps wiped out.”

The entire time this is happening, you’re treated to a 40,000-watt speaker blasting Jock Jams in your left ear.

He writes on YouTube:

Based upon this man’s words, the natural conclusion of this man’s statement if enshrined in code of law and has the upper hand in society is that if Gay people had their way, Christianity should be banned (It is oppressive), it should be fought against (it is a war), its propogators should be imprisoned (they are the bad guys), society should bar Christians from jobs (Rude for just being there), Christians should be killed (they are the enemy).

Say what?! We didn’t hear any of that.