wait... what?

After a string of late-night thirst tweets, Lil Nas X may soon be entering a life of celibacy

Rapper Lil Nas X had many of his Twitter followers scratching their heads over the weekend when he seemed to imply that he would be entering a life of celibacy after he turns 21 next month.

On Sunday, the 20-year-old rapper tweeted: “y’all be 21 and still having sex. grow tf up.”

The tweet, which has received over 250K likes and 35,000 comments, left many people confused.

Lmfao what you mean grow up?” one person said. “I wasn’t even having sex at 21.”

“I think this backwards,” another commented.

“Wait so we supposed to make love instead?” a third person asked.

Nas turns 21 on April 9, which means he has a little over a month to enjoy having sexual relations before he needs to give sex up forever.

The fact that he only has a little while longer may explain his recent penchant for late-night thirst tweets, including one from a couple of weeks ago featuring a a couple getting hot and heavy along with the caption: “Want what they have.”

Minutes later, Nas asked: “Who wants me?” And when a follower asked “How big is your d*ck?”,  the rapper responded by saying he would send the guy a DM.

In other Lil Nas X news, he recently signed on to be a Calvin Klein underwear pin-up boy, along with singers Maluma and Justin Bieber.

Asked whether he prefers boxers or briefs, Nas said: “I like boxer briefs the most.”

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