Survival of the fittest

Stripped of everything, how long would you survive? New reality show finds out.

#1: Participants are stripped of everything they own.
#2: Their belongings are placed in a mobile storage container a half-mile away from their home.
#3: Only toilet paper, water, and food rations are provided.
#4: Each day, participants can retrieve 1 item from the container. Every choice counts.
*No competition. No prizes. 21 days to survive their own life. How will these ordinary people survive being Stripped?

Those are the rules to Bravo’s new reality show, which finds out how long its hapless contestants can live after being stripped of all their possessions.

We’re sure producers throw other obstacles their way, too, like abused lions and heat-seeking missiles.

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To shill the show, a Bravo “street team” descended on South by Southwest pretty much nekkid and concealed by only strategically-placed cardboard boxes, trash bags, and laundry baskets.

Watch the show’s first trailer here: 

h/t: Instinct