Stroke Survey: Straight Guys Last Longer Than Gays

growth.jpegProving that men will turn anything into a competition:

According to the Stroke 29 Shoot Out Survey, and online study of sexual habits, straight men have been proven to have a stronger “staying power” than gay men.

Study participants were asked to track their habits while choking the chicken, including number of strokes (ASTC), what they use for mental stimulation, and whether or not they utilized friendly companionship whilst in the act. Among their findings was a marked difference in performance as related to sexual orientation.

Controversially, the ASTC for straight men was 62, compared to gay men at 58. Overall, across the (sexuality) persuasions, right handers lasted longer with 60 strokes compared to 58 from the left-handers and 55 from ambidextrous participants.

Also in the findings, perhaps most disturbingly: when asked where the resulting after-mess was discharged, 394 said they used their hand, 73 used an old sock, 141 used a handkerchief, 12 did it in the sink (!) and 43 used a plant pot. (?!?) We can’t imagine that’s good for the plants.

The purpose of the survey, sponsored by the manufacturer of Stroke 29 lubricant, was to determine if personal lube intensified the experience and shortened stroke-time. The things we do for science. For full results of the study, click on the link below.

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