Stroking It


We know what you’re thinking. “Rowing?” But hear us out. Rowing works most of the major muscle groups. Its a terrific workout for your back, but also works your stomach muscles (yes, a six pack is only a few strokes away) and, most importantly, the glutes. That means a more sculpted butt to fit into that pair of True Religion jeans you paid too much for.

If you’re burnt out on the night scene, you can also use this opportunity to find a date. Find your closest local crew at the Gay and Lesbian Rowing Federation. The site has listings throughout the U.S. (our favorite club name: DC Strokes) and dates for regattas and crews. (One drawback: you usually have to wake up really early.)

If anything, rowing is a water sport (not that kind) so it allows for form-fitting skimpy outfits to show off your physique. There are a couple of ways to go. International Male sells the Aussie Rower that’s more show than tell. Or click to Regatta Sport. They target more professional rowers and sell traditional gear. So what are you waiting for… heave ho.