Student Group Claims Naked College Calendars Cause “Harassment,” “Toxic” Environment

warwick 2The University of Warwick’s rowing team set gay hearts aflutter again this year when it released its annual nude calendar and accompanying behind-the-scenes video. But England’s National Union of Students says the project, and similar ones around the world featuring clothing-free co-eds, demean students.

“Not only do the women in these calendars find their photographs on pornographic websites without their consent, they also receive on-going harassment on campus,” Kelley Temple, the NUS women’s officer told The Times. “More generally they contribute to an increasingly toxic air of misogyny and objectification on some campuses.”

Firstly, it’s the male calendars that get all the buzz, Ms. Temple—and while the same warning about photos winding up on porn sites apply, it’s 2013: Who doesn’t have a naked photo buzzing around the Interet?

More importantly, most of the calendars support respectable charities. The Warwick calendar raises funds for rugby star Ben Cohen’s StandUp Foundation, which combats bullying and homophobia.  “We have had a huge amount of support from the gay community over the last four years, and this is our way of saying thank you,” said the team in a statement.

It would be downright rude of us not to appreciate such a nice thank you.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ku4eX-mmsA]

Source: Pink News