“Studio” Crippling JC’s Love Life

Like so many courageous people before him, JC Chasez gathered his strength, put on a brave face and had a heart-to-heart with Tyra Banks.

The girls had some small, publicist-approved talk about the singer’s dance show, career history and the like, but things soon veered toward the queer when Banks brought up Chasez’s former bandmate, Lance Bass.

Like the self-proclaimed pro she is, Banks repeatedly presses Chasez on whether he suspected Bass like boys. Chasez is for more experienced, however, and rebuffs her efforts by saying he never likes to make presumptions. Well played!

Having struck out on the gay angle, Banks then delves in Chasez’s much gabbed about love life. He claims not to have a girlfriend at the moment, but makes sure to mention that he has had girlfriends. Yeah, so have we.

Chasez goes on to say that he would potentially have a “partner” if he could get dragged out of “the studio”. Indeed…