STUDY: 51% Of Young Republicans Support Same-Sex Marriage

young republicansResearch conducted by pollsters on both sides of the political spectrum indicates that a majority of Republicans under the age of 30 support marriage equality.

Analysis of national polling data by Dr. Jan van Lohuizen, George W. Bush’s 2004 lead pollster, and Joel Benenson, President Obama’s lead pollster in 2012, reveals that 51% of twentysomething GOPers believe gay couples should be allowed to marry.

The report, commissioned by national marriage-equality group Freedom to Marry, looked at polling and exit polls from the November elections.

“What a great affirmation of the changing tide in the Republican Party,” says 26-year-old Tyler Deaton,  director of New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality. “We’ll continue to push for equality, knowing that the future of our party depends on full freedom in marriage.”

“Our generation values marriage for all committed couples— it makes our families and our nation stronger,” says Republican strategist Margaret Hoover, 35. “GOP leaders need to bring the party in line with the next generation—and the American people— to continue to lead us forward.”

A 2011 poll by the Public Religion Research Institute reported that 49% of Republican millennials favored marriage equality, while a similar study in 2012 showed Republicans 18-44 were evenly divided on the issue. Today’s news, coupled with the recent Supreme Court amicus brief filed by dozens of prominent Republicans, does seem to suggest a sea change in the Grand Old Party.

But will Republican leaders—all of whom are safely over 30—read the writing on the wall or continue to pander to the dwindling base of haters?

You make the call:

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