STUDY: 60% Of College Women Want A Lesbian Makeout Session

Today in questionable studies: after evaluating 484 college students with a range of sexual orientations, researchers from Boise State University in Idaho found that 60 percent of college-age women felt “some level of attraction toward other women.” So does that mean that a majority of women wouldn’t mind kissing another woman, or…?

A professor behind the study Elizabeth Morgan said that the findings could reflect an emotional intimacy in women’s relationships that sometimes tips over into romantic feelings. And while the study also suggests that women might experience same-sex attraction in greater numbers than originally thought, 484 Idaho college students don’t exactly provide a representative sample of anything really.

The same study found that 21 percent of college-age men fantasize about men, 19 percent have kissed another man, and 15 percent have at least some sexual attraction to men.

It could be that college students are more open to exploring their sexual feelings than their non-collegiate counterparts or that campus life in Boise is so boring that homosexual experimentation seems a good way to pass the time.

In another study of 1,277 heterosexually identified college students, only 26 percent of women and 12 percent of men reported same-sex attraction. Curiously, in the same study, 37 percent of women and 15 percent of men reported having had a sexual encounter with someone of the same gender.

That means that 11 percent of the women and 3 percent of the men had a same-sex encounter without feeling any attraction to their same-sex partner. Those of us who have had slept with a member of the opposite sex in an attempt to straighten ourselves out can empathize.

Image via LesMedia