Infidelity Website Cheaterville.com Adds Stats On Gays (And It Ain’t Pretty)

CheaterVille.com, a site that allows users to post the names, pictures and details of partners who have stepped out on them, recently added options for gay, lesbians and bisexuals to report lovers who have done them wrong. And the results of the first batch of reports are quite interesting.

Among the site’s claims is this little nugget:

70% of alleged cheaters posted through the gay and bisexual feature are men who have cheated on their male partners. In comparison, 81% of alleged cheaters posted in the straight community are women.

Does that mean the stereotype of lesbians forming lifelong bonds is true—or are they just less likely to air their dirty laundry online?

And who would’ve guessed straight women were such playas? Or maybe straight men just have more fragile egos and need to paint a scarlet A on their exes.

Though the findings are hardly scientific, CheaterVille founder James McGibney says, “It was surprising to see how popular this new feature has become, and the data we have collected truly shows that cheating is a huge problem in our society no matter what your orientation.”

McGibnety says CheaterVille will be sponsoring various pride parades in the coming months. How, um, sweet?

Some more findings:

* With respect to cheating females posted through the LGBT feature, Los Angeles was rated the number one spot for infidelity, while New York City, Toronto and Chicago came in a close second, third and fourth.

*With respect to gay men, New York City was rated the number one spot for infidelity, while San Francisco, Montreal and Los Angeles came in second, third and fourth.

* Almost 40% of the victims who posted in the gay categories say they met their cheating partner on Craigslist, Grindr or Plenty Of Fish, in comparison to the 35% who listed a local bar or nightclub.

* Nearly 20% of alleged cheaters in the LGBT feature are men who have cheated on their wives with other men, while 14% are women who have cheated on their husbands with other women.

* The average age of an alleged cheater in the gay community is 28 and the majority are Geminis.

If you’re partner is a bisexual Gemini in New York who’s turning 30 in a few years, you might want to start snooping through his emails, stat.

Images via CheaterVille, Fibonacci


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  • Mike in Asheville

    Is it really cheating if you met up just the night before on Grindr?

  • Triple S

    Jesus, why can’t people just do it the old fashioned way?! Meet them! In real life! That’s what I’m gonna do! They’re just begging for it to happen! Bloody hell…

  • Triple S

    @Mike in Asheville: I know, right? These ‘cheaters’ probably just had a fling and then made their own way through life. Apparently, that counts as infidelity now. Well, I’m being a bit extreme there, but the principal stands.

  • Bob

    Why are people so obsessed with monogamy? We were made to have multiple partners and if you are in a gay relationship, have threeways. My partner and I have had hundreds over the years and then there is no need to cheat. Let’s be honest, the love may endure but the passion dies in time, so add some spice!

  • Chris

    These results could be explained by the claim “Woman who have been cheated on are less likely to post their partner’s stats on this website than their male counterparts.” Kind of pointless since we know that men as a group have different views about cheating and that society has a different set of standards for cheating men and cheating women.

  • jason


    You appear to be an orgasmist. You want orgasms. Everyone wants orgasms but some of us are more restrained than others. If you want to carry on like a dog in heat, it’s your prerogative but it ain’t exactly dignified.

  • Adam

    How do we know these people aren’t in open relationships?

  • QJ201

    Cheating means different things to different people.

    In my house…cheating means hooking up with a guy more than once…otherwise we give each other permission to browse and sample the offerings.

  • adam [not same as above]

    i’m confused about the use of the word “victim” in the above story. is the victim the partner who finds out he or she has been cheated on? or, is the victim the person who has been accused in a court of (flimsy, unsubstantiated, whatthefuckbusinesisitofyoursanyway) public opinion? please explain the term?

    it’s interesting to see this site is leveling the playing field and challenging stereotypes of philandering and fidelity, but there really seems to be a potential for abuse of the system here.

    libel lawsuit, party of one??

  • matt

    @jason: Your argument about open relationships “not being dignified” is exactly the same argument that many people used to and still do make about homosexuality itself. Saying that something is bad because it offends your sensibilities is a terrible argument, you could use it to argue literally anything. Try coming up with something more substantive, or better yet, just mind your own business and stop trying to insult every single person or thing that doesn’t fit inside your incredibly narrow worldview.

  • beerwad

    @jason: Who doesn’t love orgasms? If it was just orgasms he was after, he could have those with himself, and/or his primary partner. What’s undignified is trying to be in a monogamous relationship and cheating on, lying to, and deceiving your partner, rather than accepting the fact that human beings are not meant to be monogamous and having a relationship that’s open and completely honest.

  • beerwad

    @Triple S: Because the people you meet “in real life” will never cheat, I’m sure. Cheating never happened before the internet.

  • jp


    To be fair, he didn’t say being in an open relationship was undignified. I think he was referring more to the “hundreds” of threesomes the other poster claims to have had. So, by all means, go ahead and “add some spice”. Would you like some herpes with that?

  • mc

    I don’t get the people aren’t meant to be monogamous comment. You can only speak for your self. There are plenty of people who actually find being monogamous very easy & comfortable. In the same way some people have to fly away to every exotic location in the world & do some thrill seeking activity on their vacations while others are perfectly contented with a staycation. Not everyone is getting some or even wanting some on the side. But in the end, it’s whatever works for ya. I don’t know if that cheating site says anything statistically significant other than the people who’re posting there are pretty dammed pissed off.

  • Elloreigh

    mc: my sentiments exactly. I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for 11-1/2 years. But it’s not for everyone. Age might be a factor for some people, too. My partner and I met when I was in my late 30s and he in his early 40s. We were both ready. Priorities can shift over time and we both came into this relationship with from the position that sex was secondary to how we feel toward one another on other levels.

    Whatever works.

  • Lance

    Only people who have gone through awful break-ups will report it on a website that is entirely about cheating and thus skewing the results. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp.

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