Infidelity Website Cheaterville.com Adds Stats On Gays (And It Ain’t Pretty)

CheaterVille.com, a site that allows users to post the names, pictures and details of partners who have stepped out on them, recently added options for gay, lesbians and bisexuals to report lovers who have done them wrong. And the results of the first batch of reports are quite interesting.

Among the site’s claims is this little nugget:

70% of alleged cheaters posted through the gay and bisexual feature are men who have cheated on their male partners. In comparison, 81% of alleged cheaters posted in the straight community are women.

Does that mean the stereotype of lesbians forming lifelong bonds is true—or are they just less likely to air their dirty laundry online?

And who would’ve guessed straight women were such playas? Or maybe straight men just have more fragile egos and need to paint a scarlet A on their exes.

Though the findings are hardly scientific, CheaterVille founder James McGibney says, “It was surprising to see how popular this new feature has become, and the data we have collected truly shows that cheating is a huge problem in our society no matter what your orientation.”

McGibnety says CheaterVille will be sponsoring various pride parades in the coming months. How, um, sweet?

Some more findings:

* With respect to cheating females posted through the LGBT feature, Los Angeles was rated the number one spot for infidelity, while New York City, Toronto and Chicago came in a close second, third and fourth.

*With respect to gay men, New York City was rated the number one spot for infidelity, while San Francisco, Montreal and Los Angeles came in second, third and fourth.

* Almost 40% of the victims who posted in the gay categories say they met their cheating partner on Craigslist, Grindr or Plenty Of Fish, in comparison to the 35% who listed a local bar or nightclub.

* Nearly 20% of alleged cheaters in the LGBT feature are men who have cheated on their wives with other men, while 14% are women who have cheated on their husbands with other women.

* The average age of an alleged cheater in the gay community is 28 and the majority are Geminis.

If you’re partner is a bisexual Gemini in New York who’s turning 30 in a few years, you might want to start snooping through his emails, stat.

Images via CheaterVille, Fibonacci