STUDY: 95% Of Dudes Manscape. Is It Just Style Or Sexual Health?

Phillips groomerWe don’t know about you, but we get all our sex and relationship advice from Cosmopolitan, which just informed us about a recent non-scientific survey of 1,000 guys about their body-grooming habits.

Turns out, a whopping 95% say they manscape to some degree. Of course, that could mean anything from trimming the hair growing out of their nose before it reaches their sideburns to the full Powder look. Anecdotally, though, it seems as if most of the bro-mans are taking the clippers South of the Border:

Men go as far as to say it’s weird when they find out one of their buddies doesn’t prune his pubic hair. “On a spring-break trip with my boys, I noticed that one guy in our group had what looked like a bush that was trying to escape from his swim trunks,” says Tunde, 27. “I told him to look around at the rest of us — no one else had anything like that going on. By the next day, he had shaved.”

As it became okay for men to wear things like designer jeans and use high-end lotions and gels, they started to tend more to their body hair. Women noticed and liked it — which set fire to the trend and sent the clippers heading south. “I ask every guy at my salon why he came in,” Pham says. “If he’s straight, it’s always, always to make his pubic area more…appetizing…to his girlfriend or women in general.”

There might be some medical benefit to mowing the lawn: According to Bloomberg News, cases of crabs in Sydney men plummeted since pubic grooming became a thing. “Male cases have fallen 80% from about 100 a decade ago.”

Of course, as Cosmo points out, not all guys want a bare field—most just want “a manicured patch” above the main event. Most, but not all

…Then there are the creative thinkers. “I had one client who wanted his favorite football team’s logo waxed into his crotch,” Pham says. A few of the guys we talked to have gotten a down-pointing arrow, a unicorn, and — our personal favorite — a second penis.”

Is that supposed to make the real thing look bigger by comparison?

Image: Philips Body Groomer

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