STUDY: Gay Men Really Do Drink Cocktails And Go To The Gym!

Community Marketing, Inc released its latest LGBT community survey, which culled some pretty interesting data from 14,000 respondents across America. A few queer morsels to ponder:

* 77% of gay men and 84% of lesbians plan to vote for Barack Obama, while 76% of bisexual and 80% of transgender respondents plan to.

* 82% of lesbians and 91% of gay men own “smartphones,” up 23% from 2011. The most popular smartphone is iPhone (with Android phones quickly gaining ground), and the most popular tablet is iPad.

* Gay men drink a third the amount of beer as heterosexual men, but drink 50% more cocktails. Lesbians consume similar amounts of alcoholic beverages as straight women.

* Half of gay men under age 30 have a gym membership.

* The term “LGBT” is preferred to describe the community by gay men—and nobody likes the alphabet-soup grouping LGBTQQIA.

Well, we could’ve told you that last one.

Read the whole LGBT Community Survey.

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  • jeff4justice

    Did the poll take into account alternative party options?

    Shame on LGBT media for their blackout of progressive 100% equality supporting alternative party options.

  • Pete N SFO

    Half of gay men under 30 have a gym membership. And 100% of us, over 30. Lesbians, well, not so much.

  • Hello

    Why is it that our country insists on putting people into a box. You can’t just be an individual, you must be studied and placed into a group that believes blah blah blah. You have to either pick a label or be placed into one.

    Humans obviously can’t handle anything but black and white because obviously anything gray means uncertainty, suspicion and too much open-mindedness.

    I’m not a Manhattan A-Gay and share none of the values of what we are told is the way gays are. Most people I know do not share those values nor do they fit into a particular mold.

  • TrekBear

    @Jeff4justice: if there were viable national third-party candidates, you might have a point. Until the US grows up and out of its two party duopoly, the politicians will haveus by the short and curlies.

  • Triple S

    Ugh, I HATE the stupid alphabet soup. The whole movement began as a category for gay people. Then it went to Lesbians (basically the exact same thing!), Bisexuals and the Transgender people.

    Why the fuck do people need to shove ‘Questioning’ in there? They MAY be gay, but they MAY be straight, wait until they’re uncertainty is over, then do the placement thing.

    And Asexuals? I didn’t know they were suddenly gay people. I though they were ASEXUAL people. They have no place in the title.

    The category of gay people has now changed from ‘(L)esbian (G)ay (B)isexual and (T)ransgender to ‘Everyone-Who-Isn’t-Straight’

  • TrekBear

    @Triple S: I also don’t like the additional letters so I came up with the ultimate acronym – LGBTWSYWIG or LGBT What You See Is What You Get!

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