STUDY: Gays And Lesbians Look For Same Things In Partners As Straights

Dating site surveyed some 5,000 unattached folks for its second-annual Single In America Study. It’s actually a more in-depth analysis than your usual “Do you like long walks on the beach?” questionnaire, with a wide range of topics covered.

Drs. Laura Berman and Helen Fisher discovered the busted economy hasn’t killed people’s dating lives—40% of those surveyed would date someone who was unemployed.

In the realm of politics, the study found 53% of conservative Republicans routinely achieve orgasm during sex, compared to 40% of liberal Democrats (Well, that’s because they’re only focused on their own pleasure.) But those same Republicans have also had the least amount of sex in the past year.

When it comes to gays and lesbians, at least on paper, we’re attracted to the same qualities in a partner as heterosexuals:

Gays and lesbians are equally likely to seek a partner with a similar level of education (29% of heterosexuals, 23% of gay men and 31% of lesbians); has a successful career (33% of heterosexuals, 30% of gays, 28% of lesbians); is physically attractive to them (73% of heterosexuals, 75% of gays, 70% of lesbians); has a sense of humor (83% of heterosexuals, 82% of gays, 89% and lesbians) and who is confident and self-assured (74% of heterosexuals, 73% of gays, and 73% of lesbians).

Also, perhaps not surprisingly, gay men appear to be more romantic—or maybe naive—than straight dudes: Match found that gay men were almost 10% more likely to believe in love at first sight and 14% more likely to say they’ve experienced it.

The survey is interesting and all, but next time we’d like to see them include some more questions specific to the LGBT community. Like:

*Would you date someone with the same name as you?

*Would you date a partner who was significantly better looking than you?

*Would you date someone who was closeted?

*Would you date someone who dated your ex?

Enquiring minds wanna know!