Study: How Marriage Equality Affects Straight Couples

Here we are again: another Monday and still no Prop. 8 ruling. There’s just two weeks left before the end of the current Supreme Court term, so we’re closing in on a day of decision.

But even while we wait for the court’s opinion, marriage equality continues to march forward around the country. Researchers at Portland State University have a new study out that documents the effect that marriage equality has on heterosexual marriage rates. Can you guess the effect? Did you guess “none” Well done.

And then there’s a plan to go to the ballot in Michigan. It could happen in 2014, but that doesn’t give organizers much time. It seems more likely that it’ll be 2016, a presidential election year. That certainly seemed to be a winning strategy in 2012, when four states voted in favor of equality while re-electing Barack Obama.