Study: How Marriage Equality Affects Straight Couples

Here we are again: another Monday and still no Prop. 8 ruling. There’s just two weeks left before the end of the current Supreme Court term, so we’re closing in on a day of decision.

But even while we wait for the court’s opinion, marriage equality continues to march forward around the country. Researchers at Portland State University have a new study out that documents the effect that marriage equality has on heterosexual marriage rates. Can you guess the effect? Did you guess “none” Well done.

And then there’s a plan to go to the ballot in Michigan. It could happen in 2014, but that doesn’t give organizers much time. It seems more likely that it’ll be 2016, a presidential election year. That certainly seemed to be a winning strategy in 2012, when four states voted in favor of equality while re-electing Barack Obama.

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  • CivicMinded

    Always seems like the Supremes want to make us wait as long as possible. The decisions affecting the gay community will probably arrive on the very last day and then the ashamed justices will beat feet for a foreign vacation.

  • vklortho

    @CivicMinded: I’m hoping when they beat feet for a foreign vacation it is to escape the wrath of all of the bigots and zealots. Of course they might come up with a solution that pisses off a good deal of both sides and have to flee almost everyone.

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