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Study: If Condoms Fit Pensies Better, More Men Would Wear Them. What To Do?

The problem with getting dudes to wear rubbers doesn’t have to do with a lack of education, or lack of availability, or cost, or any such factor public health officials would surmise. Rather, condoms are not fitting on dicks properly. And if a guy can’t get a condom to sit nicely on his erect member, he’s going to take it off. Or, perhaps worse, stop trying to put them on at all.

“Men are twice as likely to take the condom off midway through sex due to a poor fit, a poll of 436 men in Sexually Transmitted Infections journal reveals,” relays the BBC. “Ill-fitting condoms more than doubled the chances of them splitting or slipping off, a Kentucky team found. UK experts said men should know condoms came in different shapes and sizes. Condom use is increasing in popularity, now rivalling the Pill as a form of contraception, according to a recent poll. However, there are concerns that couples may turn away from them if they fail to fit comfortably and correctly, and risk unsafe sex instead. The latest study fuels these concerns. Out of 436 men questioned by the University of Kentucky researchers, 195 reported that their last sexual encounter involved an ill-fitting condom. Standard latex condoms should fit most people but there are many different types of condoms available in different shapes and sizes and trying different types will be important in finding the ‘right one’. A total of 120 of these said that this had reduced their own sexual pleasure, and 57 said it had reduced it for their partner. In addition, 34 said they had removed the condom early, while 18 said the condom had broken during sex. All of these problems were far less frequent among men who reported a well-fitted condom.”

So what can be done? The first step is to produce a better range of condoms for men. But condom manufactures will tell you they already offer a huge variety. This is true, but condom size is one of the least stocked variables. Instead, we get condoms with adjectives like thin, ribbed, studded, flavored, and lubricated. What about condoms for penises that curve down? Swing to the right? Bend in the middle?

Maybe that’s asking a bit too much — latex is malleable enough to slide over most nooks and cock crannies, and costs grow as you manufacture condoms for smaller and smaller groups of consumers. But the other real issue here is that men don’t like to talk about, let alone shop for their penises that might not be porn star perfect.

Guys with smaller penises don’t want to approach the Duane Reade counter with condom package that reads “junior.” Guys with curiously shaped penises don’t want to break out a box of “geometric puzzle” Trojans as they prepare to mount a one night stand.

And far too many men we’ve known, and slept with, buy extra-large condoms WHEN THEY DO NOT QUALIFY FOR THEM.

So really, it’s their fault.