STUDY: LGBT Teens Likelier To Be Unhappy, Unaccepted

Though it’s not exactly a shock, a new study issued by HRC indicates gay and lesbian teens are more likely to deal with rejection, depression, bullying and a host of other issues than their straight counterparts.

Growing Up LGBT in America, a survey of more than 10,000 LGBT teens ages 13-17, reveals, among other things:

* 42% of gay teens surveyed say they live in communities that are not accepting of LGBT people

*Twice as many have been physically assaulted than straight teens have

* More than 90% have heard negative comments made about gay people

* 73% of LGBT youth said they’re more honest online than they are in real life

* Over half said they expected they’d have to move away from their communities to be happy

Some silver linings for queer teens, though:

* 90% are out to close friends

* 75% said most of their peers don’t have a problem with their sexuality

* 77% said they believe things will get better

And especially in the Sunshine State, for some reason:

* 40% of gay and lesbian teenagers in California reported being happy, compared to 37% of gay teens nationwide.

* 62% of LGBT teens in California said their communities were accepting of gays, compared with 49% nationwide.

The survey was released Thursday by new HRC president Chad Griffin at a press conference at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center.

The full report is below:

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  • John K

    The Sunshine State is Florida, not California.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @John K: Indeed, California is the “Golden State”. Or, state motto: Eureka!

    And why the surprise that kids in California report a higher level of happiness, right there in your next line, you report that those kids believe they live in more supportive communities than kids in other state — does that not answer the question?

  • Bob

    This is disgusting. California is the Golden State not the Sunshine State. Please do not compare us to the alligator-infested landfill they call Florida.

  • William

    “Please do not compare us to the alligator-infested landfill they call Florida.”


    Busted out laughing @ that.

  • B

    For Queerty’s edification, a list of state nicknames can be found at (Alabama to Georgia, with links to other groups of states in alphabetical order).

  • Steve

    Florida has has little or no actual sunshine, recently. It’s been cloudy and overcast every day for several weeks. Very unusual. This kind of weather is supposed to stay in Seattle, not Fort Lauderdale.

    As for the story. It seems obvious that, when many adults (including teachers and preachers and parents) tell a kid that he is evil and will go to hell, it is very difficult for the kid _not_ to internalize that hate. It sets up an emotional conflict that the youth are just not prepared to resolve. Kids don’t have the coping skills, or the conflict resolution skills to deal with the hate and condemnation.

    The clergy and teachers who are supposed to _support_ and _help_ the kids, are often the ones who are leading the charge. And, each time one of those kids commits suicide, they claim that they had no idea, and cannot understand why the kid would do such a thing…

  • Darius

    On the main page when you see this story there is a picture of 2 teens (one black and one white). That is from a movie, what is the name of that movie?

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