STUDY: LGBT Teens Likelier To Be Unhappy, Unaccepted

Though it’s not exactly a shock, a new study issued by HRC indicates gay and lesbian teens are more likely to deal with rejection, depression, bullying and a host of other issues than their straight counterparts.

Growing Up LGBT in America, a survey of more than 10,000 LGBT teens ages 13-17, reveals, among other things:

* 42% of gay teens surveyed say they live in communities that are not accepting of LGBT people

*Twice as many have been physically assaulted than straight teens have

* More than 90% have heard negative comments made about gay people

* 73% of LGBT youth said they’re more honest online than they are in real life

* Over half said they expected they’d have to move away from their communities to be happy

Some silver linings for queer teens, though:

* 90% are out to close friends

* 75% said most of their peers don’t have a problem with their sexuality

* 77% said they believe things will get better

And especially in the Sunshine State, for some reason:

* 40% of gay and lesbian teenagers in California reported being happy, compared to 37% of gay teens nationwide.

* 62% of LGBT teens in California said their communities were accepting of gays, compared with 49% nationwide.

The survey was released Thursday by new HRC president Chad Griffin at a press conference at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center.

The full report is below: