STUDY: LGBTs Probably Spend More Getting Wasted Than They Do On LGBT Organizations

Every year, the Movement Advancement Project analyzes the financial documents of 40 major LGBT organizations (including PFLAG, GLAAD, SLDN, Lambda Legal and The Trevor Project) and releases a report. We’ve looked over it and will spare you the boring monetary details to bring you the following (surprising?) news: barely any LGBT people give to LGBT organizations and anti-LGBT groups raise more money by far. And you wondered why it took so long for us to win any rights in this big, dumb country of ours.

According to the analysis, less than 3 percent of the American LGBT population gives money to LGBT orgs and our top 10 anti-gay foes spend three times as much as all 40 LGBT advocacy groups in the analysis combined.

This shouldn’t come as much as a surprise as our anti-gay foes have a really great, long-time fundraising racket called THE CHURCH which continues to dredge up cash from its members even in lean times. But on the LGBT side, what gives? A pal of mine once said that if gay people invested even a fifth of what they spend at gay bars into LGBT politics, we’d be a lot further along than we are.

Of course, half-off martini night is a lot of fun.

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