Study Looks At Gay Hands

The wonderful world of science continues to burrow into sexual difference. A study out of Ontario contradicts earlier evidence by saying gay and bisexual men are more likely to write with their right hand.

A new study has provided a new twist on the connection between sexual orientation and right or left-handedness, claiming that gay or bisexual men have an elevated incidence of extreme right-handedness.

….The [study] reviewed 538 gay or bisexual men and 373 heterosexual men.

Bogaert asked about the sexual attractions and behavior of all the men. They were questioned about their right or left hand usage for 10 physical activities.

Gay men are also more inclined to exhibit extreme favoritism for either their left or their right hand. Straight men, meanwhile, seem to straddle the dexterous divide.

Bogaert claims his findings suggest a real connection between “neurodevelopmental anomalies” and sexuality. While that may be true, we’d like to see some examination of lesbian hands, too. Why are the gays always the guinea pigs?!

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  • Gregoire

    No cure for AIDS, but thank JESUS this mystery is finally solved.

  • Dawster

    This just in:

    The Center for Meaningless and Pointless Studies of the Obvious has determined that Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario might benefit academically by halting all funding to future studies of Professor Anthony F. Bogaert.

  • Ash

    No, c’mon guys, this is really important. Now you just have to find someone who’s right-handed and he’ll probably be gay! No more need for gaydar. Brilliant.

  • Jimmy

    I write with my right hand. Shoot pool with my left hand. Jack off with my left hand while holding my balls with the right hand. What does it all mean?

  • Shabaka

    Waouw!! To think of all the funding invested JUST to come up with this conclusive bull crap! So what if I jack off with my left foot and write with my left nut? Men and Women around the world are still dying of AIDS. Now that’s research I need to hear fresh information about!

  • hells kitchen guy

    If you jack off with both hands, are you bisexual?

  • Ryan

    My left arm is nearly a useless extremity. Who knew about those implications?

    Anyway, I wouldn’t say this kind of research is completely useless – I find some of it interesting. Minds do work in different ways and if more people are able to understand that, then there could end up being a few fewer homophobic people in the world.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Ryan, no probably what will happen will be that straight men will be terrified of not being ambidextrous.

  • ohnonotthat

    Believe it or not, there has been at least one study dedicated entirely to “lesbian hands.” Some scientists found that lesbians were more likely to have ring fingers that were longer than their index fingers than straight women.
    Funny story…I read about the study in a lesbian magazine, something that said, “Hey, look at your hands and see if you’re a lesbian…” The next week, I was reading a domestic “mom” magazine that cited the same study, except instead of saying finger length could indicate sexual orientation, it said that women with longer index fingers were more likely to be athletic. Ha!

  • hells kitchen guy

    I think lesbians have longer index fingers for insertion into a certain orifice. Anatomy as destiny?

  • willobee

    You NEVER know what will result in such studies as these. No one knows why there is left vs. right handedness. Surfacely, it sounds trivial and useless. But it IS the anomalies and irregularities that need explaining. For example, we all know the sun shines as an atomic hydrogen fusion reaction, etc. So why are there sunspots? There’s more to the story, that’s why.

  • kirk

    In addition I watched a talk show called Tyra where there was a scientist that was doing studies with gay men regarding length of the index finger in relation the ring to determine if one is gay or straight. very interesting.


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