STUDY: Majority Of North Carolinians Misunderstand, Support Amendment Banning Same-Sex Unions

Voters will be considering a ban on same-sex unions on North Carolina’s May 8 primary ballot, or more specifically, it’s a “Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.”

Problem is: over a third of North Carolinians admit to not freaking know that, according to Public Policy Polling.

Add the 7% who think that it’s an amendment legalizing gay marriage, and you’ve got four of ten NC voters who are just completely in the dark on this issue.

Then there’s the 28% who think that it only bans gay marriage, not civil unions. Which leaves you with 31% of voters who correctly identify the measure as banning both gay marriage and same-sex civil unions.

Overall, voters look poised to pass the amendment, with 58% in support and 38% opposed. Need Queerty remind the world that an amendment to pass gay marriage via referendum has never worked, and whenever the people have voted on the issue on a state level, it’s resulted in ?

This is why the legislature should do their jobs and pass bills they think are just, not throw them back to the people. That’s what cowards like Chris Christie do.

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  • wayne

    If NC citizens would stop intermarrying their first cousins, they might be able to figure it out. NC= “non compos mentis”

  • Mangina

    They’re too busy fucking their livestock to understand the issues!

  • Chad

    This is why Rights should not be left up to voters. Many just do not understand what exactly they are voting for. And I don’t blame the voters, the anti-gay marriage groups pour large amounts of money into misleading advertising.

  • CBRad

    North Carolina is the land of idiots anyway, so…who cares ?

  • the crustybastard

    Really? I got put in the moderation corral for that? LOL.

  • Belize

    JayKay, my lover, sent me a text (letter tied to a pigeon’s talon.)

    JayKay: “This is the fault of those whiny bitchy queens of the liberal media! They shouldn’t have used facts, statistics and science to explain this issue! How are we–the good ol’ conservatives of America–supposed to believe that?”

  • Jozef

    Ya know, some of us DO live in NC and love it. It’s an amazing place, try leaving Manhatten and LA for a day and find out. When I drive around town I see VOTE NO ON ONE signs EVERYWHERE.

  • CBRad

    @Jozef: Say hi to your John Edwards for me.

  • Stephen

    And this is surprising because…? @Jozef I lived in NC for many years. You must be living in the liberal pocket around the capital. The rest of the state is pretty much born again fascists.

  • CBRad

    @Stephen: You can say that again. Bishop Eddie Long is a perfect example.

  • Philip

    I sincerely hope that photo isn’t real. Have we gotten to the place where we openly acknowledge the celebration of mediocrity? “Stupid voter” is something to be cherished?

  • timncguy

    @CBRad: Talk about being stupid. Bishop Eddie Long is from Atlanta Georgia, not North Carolina.

  • CBRad

    @timncguy: Uh…look up where he’s from, and what school he graduated from.

  • JS

    I live in NC.

    I’m getting the hell out.

  • the crustybastard

    I guess the moderators here didn’t see Idiocracy.


  • dsp

    @Mangina: I laughe so hard at your comment….priceless!

  • dsp

    oops that should of read laughed.

  • Randall Reynolds

    So the voters are confused… Just how NOM wants them!

  • BT

    @Stephen: how long ago did you live there? it’s not just the capital that is gay friendly, Greensboro is super gay, Charlotte is gay friendly, I’ve seen Asheville on lists of top places for gay people to live, plus there’s an LGBT retirement community there and another one in Boone… yes there are some stupid people there who don’t know what they are voting on, and yes there are some assholes who would love to get rid of the EVIL GAYS, but you’ll find those in EVERY STATE… North Carolina is WAY more liberal and gay friendly than most people give it credit for

  • CBRad

    @BT: But the gays there are even more evil than the straights.

  • Brandon

    I live in NC (greensboro to be exact). I’ve also lived in Charlotte and grew up in a conservative town as a child. I know that there are both liberal and conservative areas of NC. But some of these comments about people who live in NC as being complete morons are ridiculous and offensive to me! NC is one of the more welcoming of all the southern states. There are pro-gay and anti-gay people in EVERY state!!!

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