STUDY: Male Bottlenose Dolphins “Engage In Extensive Bisexuality” And “Exclusive Homosexuality”

Researchers in Western Australia have recently published a paper that details the very gay lives of male bottlenose dolphins.

According to Discovery News, the study found that, while male dolphins court females during the mating season, they often have longterm gay partners in the off-season (who says homosexuality is going to extinct our race?). The authors of the paper write:

Male bottlenose dolphins also were found to engage in extensive bisexuality, combined with periods of exclusive homosexuality. Male pairs, or even trios, cooperate to sequester and herd individual females during the mating season. Most males are also members of second order alliances consisting of 4 to 14 males. Such relationships appear to be long lasting, with one known 7-member group still intact after 17 years.

At first the researchers thought the dolphins lived somewhat like chimpanzees, since male bonding is strong, but in chimps can also lead to patrolling and defending community territory. But because of their open watery range, the Shark Bay dolphins may instead have ranges that overlap with those of other dolphins in the area.

While dolphins can be aggressive, their “make love not war” lifestyle seems to be more peaceful than that of some other mammals, possibly even humans.

And lest we forget, male dolphins love to “make blowhole” with one another, too:

Source: Unicorn Booty