STUDY: Mens’ Chubs Prove The Existence of Male Bisexuals

Bi guys get hated on a lot as either being closet homos, straight guys who just wanna seem “edgy,” or opportunists who will fuck anything with a pulse. Some gays even go so far as to say that bisexuals don’t actually exist. Well, Northwestern University has just proved that bisexual dudes do exist… and they did it with a little more than porn videos and a dong-measuring machine.

First, Northwestern University rounded up 100 dudes, closely split among bisexuals, heterosexuals and homosexuals. They found the self-identifying bisexual men on bisexual websites (imagine that) and then selected only the ones who had sex with at least two men and two women and had an at least three-month romantic relationship with both a man and a woman. Then they showed all these men a bunch of gay and lesbian pornos while gauging their boner growths with a phallometric device (aka “A Rigidometer”).

Unsurprisingly, “bisexual men responded to both the male and female videos, while gay and straight men in the study did not.” SCIENCE!

But just because some bi guys find homo and hetero porn hot, it’d be a mistake to think that all bi guys feel fifty-fifty about both genders:

Jim Larsen, 53, a chairman of the Bisexual Organizing Project, a Minnesota-based advocacy group, said the findings could help bisexuals still struggling to accept themselves.

“It’s great that they’ve come out with affirmation that bisexuality exists,” he said. “Having said that, they’re proving what we in the community already know. It’s insulting. I think it’s unfortunate that anyone doubts an individual who says, ‘This is what I am and who I am.’ ”

Ellyn Ruthstrom, president of the Bisexual Resource Center in Boston, echoed Mr. Larsen’s discomfort.

“This unfortunately reduces sexuality and relationships to just sexual stimulation,” Ms. Ruthstrom said. “Researchers want to fit bi attraction into a little box — you have to be exactly the same, attracted to men and women, and you’re bisexual. That’s nonsense. What I love is that people express their bisexuality in so many different ways.”

To me, proving that bisexuals exist is like proving that vegetarians exist. Yeah, you might hate vegetarians, and they might eat meat on rare occasion, but they still exist.

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  • OneVoice



    Post by: INCOMPETENT

  • Nice Sean

    Wow, thanks Dan, I didn’t know we(bi peeps not veggies) were hated, until now…

  • Stark

    Sean, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but anybody who isn’t heteronormative is pretty much hated by a large percentage of the population. And sadly, bisexuals get much animus from both sides of the fence. In fact, I know more gay/lesbian identifying people than straight people who have said that bisexuals don’t exist. If you were shocked to hear that you are hated, then you would probably be shocked to hear that I have had more gay people profess to hating me because I am what they term a “Bear” than I have had straight people admitting that they hate me for being gay. My point being that our “Community” is often far from that which they wish the straight community was towards them.

  • M.

    Majority of guys are bi! Bisexuality it is not female privilege!

  • iDavid

    To have to prove bis exist through science is absurd to those with half an intellect. The remaining dumbtards won’t believe it anyway. Either way, gay people who believe bis are anything but, fit the dumbtard model i.e. the Bachmann dumbtard model.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @OneVoice: Plus 1. And did he actually compare sexual identity to food choices?

    But not to be outdone, soon Jason will post that every man is bisexual, will blame all women for creating his notion of the bisexual double-standard (that society is more accepting girl-on-girl which, in turn, grosses out everyone else except the gays for guy-on-guy action)….


    Over 7 billion people on this Earth, and each and every one of them is unique: heredity, socialization, right handed and left, deaf and perfect pitch, blind and 20/15, short and tall, big and small, healthy and sick, mentally retarded and genius … and somehow there are so many idiots who can’t seem to grasp that some of us are into same-sex, some opposite sex, and, a little jealous here, into both.

    It is only the small minded and dim witted who can’t see beyond their personal desires that others have their own desires, desires completely different than one’s own.

  • divkid

    okay, i’ll ‘fess up to being a psycho-sexual fuckup, but i can’t get no jollies watching dudes bump uglies, and i’m a self identified/self-accepting homosexualist; so it’s not as simple as cranking up the wang-o-meter…if it fails to take into account cultural, religious indoctrination, blah.


    I say more power to BI males. I’ve never been into “fish Stick”. But hey, whatever makes you feel good.

  • jason

    I truly have a problem with research findings that are based on erectile responses to watching porn. They’re measuring voyeurism, not desire for experience. Honestly, you’d think that university researchers would understand this but they appear not to.

    I also have a problem with the photo that accompanies Queerty’s article. Let me repeat for the sake of correcting the record: bisexuality is NOT defined by threesomes. Threesomes are a fetish, bisexuality isn’t.

    As for male bisexuality overall, I’ve been going on about this for ages. As I’ve said all along, most straight-identifying guys are bisexual in their orientation but are too afraid to admit it. This is because society as a whole denigrates male-male sexuality. This is partly due to the fact that women cannot cope with the notion of competing with a man for the affections of another man.

    Women are, in my opinion, the prime instigators of opposition to male bisexuality. Not only is there the aforementioned fear of competition, you also need to remember that women fear men and male sexuality in general. They fear its power, prevalence and promiscuity. A two-male paradigm, unless it is comfortably segregated away into the “gay” category, represents a threat to her ability to sell herself to men.

  • akn

    @Stark: Are you serious re: being hated for being a bear? Bears are so hot right now (at least in Brooklyn, haha…).

  • MrMiracle

    Now if only someone could prove to Dan Savage that we not only exist, but also aren’t all sociopathic f***tards who live to mess around with gay men’s minds, we might make some progress.

  • M.

    @jason: what’s wrong in threesome?

  • Bryan

    @jason: Jason, I agree with your first paragraph, I’m as gay as they come, but I’ve found myself responding to str8 porn because the guy was really hot and I was focused on him NOT the girl whom I have no desire to be with, so If I was in this survey, would I be bisexual because I responded to both when I’m actually not?

  • xander

    @Bryan : I’m in the same boat; it’s rather possible for me to respond to hetero porn but only because of the guy. And frankly, it would still be better if he were alone or with another man! And in no way do I identify as a bi male.

    The reason this study is of some interest is that it depended on self-identified bi males with a (reported) history of sig. relationships with both sexes. How those bi males responded to the stimuli seems to call into question some theories and prior research about the nature of bisexuality.
    The study will be picked apart and policiticized by people with various agendas, but it’s all part of the process of testing theories and hypotheses.

  • Maddie

    Kiss for they

  • Maddie *_*

    Kiss for they

  • I Mean What

    Bisexual males exist. Really? No kidding. I could have told you that. In a study conducted by I Mean…What?!?, we also found that people get horny, especially when they are drunk and throw care to the wind.

  • jason


    I didn’t say there was anything wrong with threesomes, I simply said that threesomes are not the definition of bisexuality.

  • Ian

    “Researchers want to fit bi attraction into a little box — you have to be exactly the same, attracted to men and women, and you’re bisexual. That’s nonsense. What I love is that people express their bisexuality in so many different ways.” Huh? So how is one bisexual if not sexually attracted to both sexes? I get it that people live out their lives and express their sexuality in different ways, but isn’t bisexuality, by definition, sexual attraction to both sexes?

    BTW, I agree with a lot of comments saying that this silly academic research is measuring voyeurism more than anything else. I’m as gay as they get and have no sexual attraction to women, yet I’ve always found straight porn (and woman-on-woman porn) somewhat exiting. So if my member wiggled a bit during the “test”, I’d be considered bisexual according their measure. Maybe it’s not surprising that the academics/researchers didn’t take this kind of stuff into account.

  • Nick Thiwerspoon

    Sexuality is complicated. Some people identify as straight but have sex with men. Some are married but have a guy as well (and their wife knows about it). I know a bloke who was pretty much straight and ended up married to his best friend.

    Omnia vincit amor , as the Romans maintained. Love is love. You can love and desire ppl regardless of their gender or sexuality. In a world without the gay-hating ChrisTaliban far more ppl would be willing to experiment and try something different. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had was with straight blokes. Really. And … once they get over the crap that society teaches them, they can be very loving too. Not lovey-dovey so much as classic male friendship, only closer and warmer. Yeah, they went on to get married, and yeah they’re faithful to their wives. To the outside world they look het. They self-identify as het. But they did have a scene with a bloke, once.

    I’m convinced that in the right circumstances with the right person, maybe as many as 40% of “straight” men will connect sexually with another man. They’re not gays in denial. But they don’t fit the classic definition of bisexual either.

    Have a squizz at these two essays of mine in the gay-shaded e-zine Wilde Oats:

    The End of Gay
    Gay Then and Now

  • Matthew

    I have tried not to pay attention to the negativity, slander, harassment, and crap against busexuals and specifically directed towards me by some gays and straight women. Many straight men have come out to me because I am openly bisexual, guess what they are not going there because as one said “it would mess up my life.” and they are pretty much right. To be out and be a bisexual male probably knocked a few years off my life for absorbing all the toxic bigotry. But I have also had an incredible sexual life with female and male lovers, AWESOME! This year the crap got to me because the Bailey study made it that much more toxic. I think really bisexual men are a huge threat to gay and straight identity in men, and a threat to straight women who want to remain deluded that male sexuality is inhierently hetero and monogomous – it is definately neither!

  • Michael


    Im so sorry for the hate and bigotry you have received.I assure you not all of us from the gay community are that way.Ive stood up to bigotry against bisexuals many times and it gets tiring after a while.But I will continue to do it my boyfriend is also bisexual and he means the world to me.You are our brothers and sisters and its about time those who are ignorant and prejudice to people that are bi like you realized that.

    They know and I know what it feels like to be discriminated against therefore they should know that 2 wrongs do NOT make a right.Discrimination within the gay community is extremely hypocritical and needs to stop period.

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