STUDY: Nearly 20% Of Taiwanese LGBTS Have Attempted Suicide

Though Taiwan is more gay-friendly than some of its neighboring countries (like mainland China) and is home to the largest Pride parade in Asia (50,000 attended last October’s event), a new study by the Gender/Sexuality Rights Association of Taiwan (GSRAT) found that 30% of the nation’s LGBT population has considered suicide and 18% have actually attempted it, reports Dawn.com.

“Taiwan is not that open towards homosexuality,’ said GSRAT’s Wang Ping. “[Schools] can be very unfriendly. It’s common that gay students are excluded and ridiculed so they feel lonely and under stress.” Of the 2,785 people polled, nearly 60% reported being targets of violence, harassment or sexual abuse—mostly during adolescence, when suicide attempts were highest as well.

Plans to include a LGBT-inclusive curriculum were canceled last year after complaints from conservative Christian groups.