STUDY: Same-Sex Civil Partnerships Last Longer Than Straight Marriages

Since they started offering them in 2005, England and Wales has registered 42,778 civil partnerships. And a new study by the Office of National Statistics shows that over the last four years, 5.5 percent of marriages have ended in divorce while only to 2.5 percent of civil partnerships ended in dissolution. This suggests that same-sex civil partnerships usually last longer than heterosexual marriages… but there’s a catch.

The data could be distorted by the possibility that many of the first couples to get civil unions in 2005 had already been together for a long time. Other findings: These days 38 percent of English and Welsh people call homosexuality “always or mostly wrong” compared the the 75 percent who said the same thing in 1987. Also, women and young people support full marriage equality and gay adoption while 50 percent of straight men and the majority of people over 70 do not.

Wait, you mean old, crotchety people don’t support LGBT rights… still?

Image via katerha

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