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  • TikiHead

    >GASP< Queerty… You're part of the global provaccine conspiracy TOO? ;-)

  • redball

    What show? Is it going to spew lies and paranoia about vaccines being linked to autism??

    If not, then who cares….

  • Cam

    So all that time and money that people like MacCarthy forced to be spend on endlessly restudying this issue over and over, even though the results kept showing that vaccines were not a cause, COULD have been spent on actually coming up with actual treatments and better insights as to the real cause and issues surrounding Autism. Wow, so years and years and millions of dollars that could have helped were wasted because of this guy.

  • autism, different than you think

    jenny mccarthy???? her own show?? excuse me while i puke
    while i understand the desire to delay vaccines, and the fear people have about autism – hey- i saw my perfectly normal baby regress, become silent and withdrawn, and yes, very autistic after a vaccine – so i do understand

    but, it was overwhelmingly obvious this guy’s work was flawed from the outset. it was junk science from the start – fraud?? not a surprise. parents grasping at straws for explanations are remarkably dense

    and mcarthy…her and her ilk act as though
    our kids are only worth something if we can train them like dogs into acting “normal” (have to meet those parental expectations of perfect kid after all) whatever the hell that is…

    (by the by, researchers in the 70’s trying to electric shock the gay out of people were closely aligned with colleagues trying to do the same with autism)

  • alan brickman

    30 percent of boys who are labeled autistic are just abused….nuff said….

  • redball

    @Kieran: What bone? Or are you simply being a racist?

  • redball

    Oh weird, I posted a comment to the wrong Queerty article. My apologies, all.

  • TheJaylyne

    Autism is. Not just black and White. I personally think there are multiple reasons why children develope autism, but I can assure you that none of them are because of the parrents. I also wouldn’t rule out vaccines just yet. I think a lot more study has to go into it. I know this all because I live in a house with autims- my younger brother has it. It is not a subject I take lightly.

  • autism, different than you think

    excuse me but…
    abuse does not create autism
    they used to think that, about 50 years ago, that autism was caused by abuse/neglect/overbearing mothers, same time they thought homosexuality was from abuse/neglect/ overbearing parents
    but that was debunked

    both of them.

    nuff said.

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