STUDY: Two More Cases That Prove That Ex-Gay Therapy Is A Crock

A recent online survey of 1,600 gay Mormons conducted by Utah State University revealed that about 65 percent underwent ex-gay therapy and 86 percent considered such therapy unhelpful or harmful. Another revelation: Sergio Viula, founder of Brazilian evangelical ex-gay group Movement for the Healthy Sexuality (MOSES), has just come out as still 100 percent gay. He even revealed what really happens in ex-gay therapy programs—hint: it involves fasting and having sex with men.

In an interview with Flying Teapot, Viula says that MOSES merely told gays to “isolate from your former circle of friends, start attend[ing] church meetings, go through counseling sessions, pray, fast, and stuff like that.” Meanwhile, “Nobody really quit being gay. There were relationships even within the group, between an activity and another, they would always find time for that.”

We’d find a bunch of closeted Christian dudes having guilty gay sex with each other hot if it weren’t actually depressing as hell.

But add these revelations alongside former Love in Action Executive Director John Smid’s recent admission that he’s never met an actual ex-gay and you have a system quickly of mental abuse crumbling at an accelerating rate before your very eyes.

Now only if we could get parents to stop sending their kids to secret ex-gay bootcamps.