STUNNING: Nevada’s Legislators Give Gov’s Veto a Big F-U


Accused philanderer and Nevada’s chief executive Jim Gibbons was all “let’s keep gays as second-class citizens” when he vetoed a bill to provide domestic partnership benefits in a state that banned same-sex marriage. Some assumed that was it for gays, at least for the time being. And then the Nevada State Senate went and did something remarkable: They gave Gibbons the finger and overrode his veto with a 14-7 vote. Oh, and then the Assembly did the same thing, voting 28-14 to put Gibbons and his inequality in its place.

Still short of marriage, Nevada does become the 17th state to officially recognize same-sex relationships under state law, according to the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada.

Now how’s that nasty divorce going, Gibbons? Surely it’s upholding the values of traditional marriage.