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This stunning, sexy photo series featuring trans men is truly inspiring

Los Angeles-based photographer Luke Allen has made a name for himself taking portraits of hot men from all walks of life. His latest book “FLOW” specifically features trans men.

“I feel that ‘trans’ was being talked a lot about recently, which is great, but trans men in particular weren’t being represented at all in the LGBTQ community,” Austin tells OUT. “I decided to take portraits of trans men all with unique stories.”

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He continues, “I think the most surprising thing is how different all the men in the book are. No two are the same and all are navigating through the trans experience in their own way. I just wanted these men to be seen.”

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Only 500 copies of “FLOW” are being printed. It is currently available for pre-order on Austin’s website. $5 from each book sale will go directly to two of the men featured in the book to help with surgery costs.

Scroll down for a sampling of shots from “FLOW”…

Laith / FLOW

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Sawyer / Flow

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Everybody meet Cayden. “All my life all I ever wanted was to feel comfortable in my own skin. When I chose to have bottom surgery (phalloplasty), I thought I was gaining an opportunity to finally feel comfortable in my skin and body, instead my complications did the exact opposite. I ended up trading a penis for an ileostomy, and in doing so I lost the confidence to take my shirt off, and all abilities to see myself as attractive in any way shape or form. In other words, I lost my body all over again. Twenty nine surgeries later and I am still not ‘fixed’. I still have a loop ileostomy, which means I am not pooping through my butt, but rather a hole in my stomach, while my rectum heals. All of this, three years and twenty eight surgeries, have been due to ONE complication from the original surgery. When I started all of this I had no idea how hard I would have to fight for this body. It’s been the hardest fight of my life, but giving up just isn’t an option.” – Cayden will have his 30th surgery on June 28th, 2018.

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