Stunt Queen Kerry Rhodes Stages Photoshoot With Woman Lying Across His Lap

179713_411798925599556_1736297785_n-1What is this position called? The “I’m trying to mask my homosexuality by having a woman plank across my lap”?

Whatever it’s called, it’s exactly what NFL free agent Kerry Rhodes is doing in his latest attempt to combat the already-confirmed gay rumors following him since details of his steamy gay relationship leaked last month.

Rhodes posted this photo of Dancing With the Stars‘ Karina Smirnoff “relaxing” on his lap during a photoshoot for “Now Let’s Get Fit,” an event being sponsored by the Kerry Rhodes Foundation.

We’re not sure if this is the fine lady that was canoodling with Rhodes in the backseat of a cab last week, but there’s one thing we can be absolutely sure of: Kerry Rhodes has the hottest arms we’ve ever seen. Just look at those things! Beast!

How do you think Mr. Rhodes looks in his dancing gear? Should we start a petition to get him on the next season of DWTS? It would certainly be a great segue for him to—ahem—come out.