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Stupid People, Not Blacks, Support Gay Marriage Bans


Ya know how everyone blamed The Blacks for the passage of Prop 8 in California? Maybe it’d be wiser to blame The Dumbs. Or, to be fair, The Less Educateds.

Because it’s a person’s education level that’s the best identifier to predict if someone supports same-sex marriage. Just how much better is education versus race in this matter? A whopping 500 percent better, according to a new University of Florida study that polled Florida residents.

The conclusions is valuable no matter what state you live in. In Florida, the research gets tied to Amendment 2, where 62 percent of Florida voters chose to amend the state constitution limiting marriage to one man and one woman. Relays the Gainesville Times:

Controlling for political and socioeconomic factors [Ed: Whatever this means!], the study found each additional 1 percent of a county’s population with bachelor’s degrees correlated with a 1 percent decrease in support for the amendment. In comparison, each 1 percent increase in a county’s black population led to two-tenths of a percent increase in support.

[…] After the 2008 election, exit polls done for CNN lent credence to the belief that newly registered Obama voters helped pass Amendment 2. The polls found 71 percent of black voters supported the ban, compared with 60 percent of white voters. The disparity was even more pronounced between young black and white voters.

[The study’s co-author Dan Smith, a political science professor,] questioned those results, saying the polls had a margin of error of more than 10 percent.

“They’re not sampling enough,” he said.