Suck This

Gun Vase

We usually love the Brooklyn based blog, Design*Sponge. However, recently she wrote some things about the UK design team Suck UK and we definitely don’t agree.

“I just think these guys seem like super smarmy British guys- you know, the type that would hang out at a pub and make lewd comments at girls. Ick. I just think the guns thing is soooo cheesy. I mean, they made a cool bottle opener but, so what?”

It is exactly this reason that we love Suck UK. The company not only makes great designs (the slide light is a fave of ours), but it never takes itself too seriously. And that is a hard thing to find in the snobbery of the design biz. A gun flower vase? We don’t find it cheesy. We think it’s rather gay. And that means we need one.

And besides what is so wrong with guys at a bar making lewd comments? We go out drinking hoping that will occur.

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