Suddenly Single

Kathy Griffin

Hang in there Kathy. We got your back. We will take you out drinking and dancing so you can temporarily forget about the pain. We will set you up with our brothers and coworkers and neighbors. We will give you a shoulder to cry on.

Kathy Griffin has filed for divorce from her adorable husband Matt Moline after 4 ½ years of marriage. It is times like this that Kathy will need her best gays more than ever. Now that the Suddenly Susan star is suddenly single we expect a wilder, fag haggier Kathy to emerge. And her best gays will be her support system. Individual men may leave your life Kathy, but your gays never will. Ask Liza, Madonna, or Cher.

Being the jaded queens that we are we cannot help but wonder if this is all a PR stunt to compete with Rene Zellweger’s recent annulment filing. Is Kathy that over the top? Um, yes. Did you see her red carpet looks? Thanks Kenneth.