Suddenly that Trump upside down Bible photo op all makes sense

People have been making comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler for years. How much weight you give them usually depends on your political party affiliation. But never before have the similarities been so glaringly obvious than yesterday evening when Trump had peaceful protestors teargassed outside the White House so he could walk across the street to have his photo taken holding the Bible in front of a vacant church.

At first, people weren’t quite sure what to make of the publicity stunt. The vast majority were absolutely horrified that peaceful protestors exercising their First Amendment right were abused just so Donald Trump could stage a photo op. Some found the way he awkwardly held the Bible humorous, not only because it was upside down, but because he is so obviously not a student of Christ’s teachings.

Then another photo started circulating.

And suddenly it all made sense.

It’s unclear whether the photo of Hitler is a doctored image (SEE UPDATE BELOW), but in an article for Patheos, Christian writer Leah D Schade notes:

Hitler surrounded himself with the trappings of religion and a few empty phrases of Christianity while undermining and destroying everything that Jesus Christ stood for.  Brute strength and domination were favored over the ‘weakness’ of Jesus.  Yet millions of Germans fell for his racist bigotry masquerading as piety.

She adds:

Trump, too, has surrounded himself with radical right-wing ‘Christians’ who flock around him like pious pigeons. They bestow blasphemous benedictions on this Beelzebub as he cages children in concentration camps and stokes the fires of racial hatred.  With full-blown toxic narcissism, he has called himself ‘the chosen one.’

Schade then calls on clergy of all religions to come together to “condemn what Trump has done and is doing.”

“We must vociferously and publicly oppose what is happening,” she urges faith leaders. “We must stand on the values we hold in common–values that are now threatened. Justice. Peace. Honesty. Restraint of evil. Protection of the vulnerable.”

Here’s how people on Twitter have been responding to the two photos…

Are you paying attention yet?

UPDATE (June, 2, 2020 at 3:20 P.M. EST): did some investigating and confirmed this afternoon that the widely-shared image of Hitler holding a Bible was doctored. It reports:

Although the image of Trump is real and not in dispute, the image of Hitler holding up a Bible was doctored to fit the moment. In the original archival photograph, Hitler’s left hand is open and empty, and no Bible is displayed.

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