Sullivan Launches Fresh Attack Against HRC

The protracted (and increasingly ugly) struggle between Andrew Sullivan and Human Right Campaign continues. This fresh round of attacks started when Sullivan took on the allegedly “largest” gay rights organization’s membership numbers, writing:

The mimimum membership fee on your website is $35. How many members paid $35 or more in annual dues in the last twelve months? You claim 650,000. What’s the real number? Please provide documentation to prove it.

Some of Sully’s faithful readers did a bit of research and found that HRC reported donations of $7.3 million. Divide that number by $35 and you get, at the most, 210,000 people donated to the cause. So, what of the other 440,000 members? Sullivan seems to think HRC’s lying. They’ve promised to get back to him today. Can’t wait to read their creative response…

(Also, Chris Crain’s all up in the mud-slinging mix. Read his take here.)