Sullivan Loves Obama’s Complexities

Democrat Barack Obama‘s come under some fire recently. As we’re sure you know, opponents are calling for his head after footage surfaced of the Senator’s retired reverend, Jeremiah Wright, calling for America’s damnation and blasting Hillary Clinton.

The candidate’s making a speech on the matter as we “speak,” but loyal supporter Andrew Sullivan doesn’t need no stinking speech to know that Obama’s his man.

While some people point to Obama’s controversial complexities – how can he say Wright’s a good man while also repudiating his comments? – Sullivan insists it’s the politico’s multiplicity that makes him so appealing, particularly to a gay man such as Sullivan. You see, as a gay man, Sullivan doesn’t necessarily approve of or appreciate some people’s gay ways, but that doesn’t mean he can’t consider himself a part of the wider, proverbial community. It’s the same with Obama, says the long-winded Sullivan:

…It’s appropriate for me at this point to express how he has inspired me as a gay man to keep trying to maintain the bridge over the gulfs of my own various identities rather than to burn it. It is possible in American public life to be defined as a gay person and to embrace every aspect of gay culture – the good, the bad and the ugly. It is also possible to be closeted or semi-closeted so that these questions do not easily arise. And it is possible to be a gay man completely divorced from gay culture, and to buy access to power and influence by simply adopting a relationship to the gay world that is indistinguishable from many straight people. I don’t think there’s any perfect solution to this terrible dilemma of identity – of belonging and transcending, of empathizing and maintaining a proper distance.

I have no desire to disown much of gay culture that the straight world finds abhorrent. At the same time, I also know that not all of this subculture is healthy or good and I have an obligation to address and engage and reform those parts of it. That I have also tried to do – with uneven success. And I know, as I watch Obama, that these strains are not easy and those who have never had to walk this path do not fully know how hard it can be.

I see Obama as a pioneer on this path – a brave and principled pioneer. I would think much, much less of him if he disowned a spiritual guide because of that man’s explicable if inexcusable resort to paranoia and racial separatism and anger. And I would think much, much less of Obama if he had never opened himself to this subculture and its fears, hopes and resentments. That he has done all this – while still attempting to reform and explain it – is a remarkable achievement.

Yes, quite right, but so is having a woman on the camaign trail.

Basically, the Democratic candidate will be historic. How historic, however, remains to be seen. And, if the party can’t unite soon, Sullivan, Obama and Clinton’s repsective dreams will be history – as in over.

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  • todd

    Andrew Sullivan loved Bush’s manliness too. He’s a stupid hack!

  • Rev Wrong

    Who gives a flying fuck what Andrew Sullivan thinks? He supported the war? I assume he is fine with the comments that cocksucking bigot Rev. Wright said about AIDS.

    Andrew Sullivan is a poor excuse for a human being. It is a shame for the gay community to stick up for someone who preaches and practices hate.

    Next, why don’t you tell us what Pat Robertson thinks about it.

  • Michael Bedwell

    Well, there’s ONE good thing to say about Sullivan’s perpetual priapism for…er endorsement of Obama—we guess he’s stopped believing in the “blacks are genetically stupid” fake science of Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray [“The Bell Curve”] whose work he promoted when he was head cheese of “The New Republic.” But then, technically speaking, Obama is only half-black so maybe that’s why Andy Pandy is willing to give HIM a pass.

    As for the credibility and integrity of anything he’s written about Obama [or Sen. Clinton]—remember that the HIV+ Mr. Sullivan, aka “RawMuscleGlutes,” was exposed years ago by Michelangelo Signorile for trolling online for bareback sex “bi-scenes, one-on-ones, three-ways, groups, parties, orgies and gang bangs” but no “fats and fems” at the same time he was demonizing gay men for their ”libidinal pathology” AND…..drum roll……Pres. Clinton for his “sexual recklessness.” Attempting to distract from the fact that the issue was NOT as he claimed sexual freedom of choice but his own hypocrisy, Sullivan, of course, denounced Signorile for violating his “privacy” even though, through his pompous, pontificating publications, Sullivan had made the private acts of so many others, including a President of the United States, HIS business, the subject of HIS own self-righteous sermonizing—whenever, that is, RawMuscleGlutes took a break from sorting through responses to his personal ad.

    Privileged male Sullivan would overturn “Roe v. Wade” and has also pontificated at length AGAINST job protections bills like ENDA as creating unfair “special rights”—“the push for gay employment rights is unconvincing and whiny. …gay men and lesbians suffer no discernible communal economic deprivation and already operate at the highest levels of society.”

    And he was a screeching, demagogic drum major for the invasion of Iraq. He only criticizes Bush now because Bush fucked up Catholic Andy’s Crusade Into Heathen Lands. “Sullivan’s Taliban style of argument and his rigid habit of separating the world into the blessed and the damned turns American politics into a free-fire zone where any deviation from his view of the national program is immediately leveled.” – Salon

    Most revelatory of many examples of Sullivan’s solipsism was his effectively declaring that “AIDS is over!” twelve years ago—more specifically the “end of the plague”—we assume, because wealthy WHITE gay men in the US have access to anti-retrovirals. Too bad about all those Murray-declared “genetically inferior” infected blacks around the world.

    With supporters like Sullivan…Obama doesn’t need enemies.

  • Bitch Republic

    Sullivan and Obama deserve each other.

  • Jack Jett

    Fans of Andrew Sullivan should read No. 3 over and over and over.

    Vote for who you want but do NOT vote for someone based on Andrew Sullivan. I have more credibility in my right nut than he has in his entire being.

    With your permission, Michael, I would love to cut and save that for later posts to remind folks the background on this pundit.

  • Jim Pickett

    Wow, so much hate for Obama.

    Anyway, as a gay man living with HIV, from Illinois, who has had the pleasure of working with him and his staff on HIV/AIDS policy issues at both the state and federal issues, and know him to be a leader both in that realm, as well as the realms of gay rights, choice, and other progressive issues – he has my vote.

    I don’t care what his preacher said. WHAT-evah, Marys.

    Jim Pickett

  • AJ

    Thank you, Jim Pickett, for a substantive remark. I don’t understand why people hate Obama. Unlike Clinton, he hasn’t been outwardly hateful to anyone.

    Have we become so cynical that we can hate a man who says “let’s come together, beyond our differences, to make a positive change for people”?

  • Rev Wrong


    I think if you listen, the hate coming from the sprititual advisor to Obama.
    Can you tell me what HIV policies Obama worked on because if you google his name and HIV, I’m not finding it.

  • todd

    We don’t hate Obama. We hate Sullivan!

  • M Shane

    The most pathetic thing about Sullivan is his position as a “respected” mouthpeice to Americans, representing the kind of gay conservative that some heterosexuals want (if they only knew how disgusting he is).

    He would be ok if they just left him in a corner to bable to himself. If he wasn’t such a bloated idiot, I would take his advocacy of Obama as damnable: what an embarassment to compare himself as being similarly compassionate but to gay people.
    The greatest danger with Sullivan is that he doesn’t know enough to understand that his economic politics is diametrically contrary to freedom or democracy, or compassion(for gawds sake) The stupid fuck is so arrogant that he believes his own position as a heterosexual lapdog qualifies him to speak for gay people.

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