Sullivan: Obama Doing As Much as Bush for Gays

VIEWPOINTS — “And what is Obama doing about any of these things? What is he even intending at some point to do about these things? So far as I can read the administration, the answer is: nada. We’re firing Arab linguists? So sorry. We won’t recognize in any way a tiny minority of legally married couples in several states because they’re, ugh, gay? We had no idea. There’s a ban on HIV-positive tourists and immigrants? Really? Thanks for letting us know. Would you like to join Joe Solmonese and John Berry for cocktails? The inside of the White House is fabulous these days. … As for the HIV ban, legislatively lifted by overwhelming numbers of Republicans and Democrats almost a year ago, this is the state of play from an Obama HHS spokesman: ‘The Department of Health and Human Services has submitted for OMB review a notice of proposed rule-making to implement this change.’ Translation: we’re doing the bare minimum to make us look no worse than Bush, but we have no real interest in this and are letting the bureaucracy handle it, and we guarantee nothing.” [Andrew Sullivan]

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  • PaulD

    Swing by and leave the President a polite, but firm, message. I just did.

    I’m 29–too young to be completely jaded with politics, but too old to put up with any more pathetic excuses from Democrats, especially when they hold both houses and the executive mansion.

  • Dennis


    Andrew Sullivan was willing to suck George Bush’s dick for the first 4+ years of that administration from Hell!!! Uh, hello zero credibility?!

    Obama should be pressured, we need to keep a strong media presence, demonstrate in the street, conatct our local reps, pressure HRC and other gay organizations to find their fucking backbone and make some noise, but to say that in 4 months, that Obama is just like Bush is beyond fucking ridiculous. 4 MONTHS, not 8 fucking years of public gay bashing and unapolegetic homophobia…those fucking bastards used us as punching bags every at every opportunity…every election, family values BULLSHIT was front and center, and the “big scary gay agenda” was trotted out to win votes from Jesus freaks and morons. 4 months…not 8 years of Hell, I think there’s a difference.

    Fuck Andrew Sullivan, I would be glad if he was forced to leave the country. Good riddance, and back to merry old England with you, bitch.

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