Sullivan Takes On HRC’s Clinton Love, Inaction

Andrew Sullivan today reignites his long-standing feud with Human Rights Campaign.

Flamers on!

Sullivan has previously taken on the gay non-profit’s queer membership numbers and their allegedly close relationship with Hillary Clinton.

Well, the latter topic got more traction last week when activist Mike Petrelis reported that many of HRC’s key leaders donated to Clinton’s late campaign, but gave absolutely zilch to Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee whom a college intern! The trouble, of course, is that the fusion of gay rights with the Clinton machine – fatal to gay equality in the 1990s – has not exactly given the lobbying group much cachet with the next potential Democratic president.

Meanwhile, Solmonese’s record on Capitol Hill is, despite his breathless promises a while back, non-existent.

They still haven’t passed their hate crimes bill; the employment non-discrimination bill is still in limbo (they were insisting it should be the priority over marriage and the military two decades ago!), Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell still stands, and HRC didn’t even ask the presidential candidates what their position was on the HIV immigration and tourism ban on their election questionnaire. One reason the US still has the same HIV immigration and tourism policies as Saudi Arabia and Yemen is because the US chief gay lobby group is more interested in selling tchotchkes than standing up for gay people or people with HIV.

But fear not: they have persuaded Christian Siriano to design a “fierce, fabulous, flawless” t-shirt for the summer. This is what the suckers still give them money for.

Yes, we agree with Sullivan: HRC has not been the most effective institution – and it is an institution – but they do occassionally use their buckets of money for good purposes: like the $500,000 the group pledged to fighting California’s potential gay marriage ban. (Although we have a feeling the pro-gay side already had a leg-up on that one…)

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  • TotallyTodd

    Um, guys…at the risk of appearing stoopid, which stuff did Sully say and which stuff is your stuff? The post is a little too disjointed and lacking in quotation marks to comment.

  • jamesn

    The (broken) link in the second graph badly mangles the blockquote.

    And as a point of order, it was Bill Clinton whom a (collage) intern wasn’t it? I guess not.

  • Qjersey

    We really need a voice in our community that doesn’t come off as a self righteous prig like Sully. There may be truth in some of what he says, but his condescending tone is a total turn off a la Larry Kramer.

  • Dubwise

    Reading this post makes my head hurt.

    Well, the latter topic got more traction last week when activist Mike Petrelis reported that many of HRC’s key leaders donated to Clinton’s late campaign, but gave absolutely zilch to Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee whom a college intern!


  • fredo777

    I, too, got a bit of a headache from reading that. I couldn’t understand what that bit about the college intern had to do w/ anything.

  • Thomas Delayed

    Andrew Sullivan banged the drum for this war in Iraq. Andrew Sullivan thinks AIDS is a thing of the past. Andrew Sullivan joined the Clinton bashers when Bill got a blow job.

    He supported this war with all his heart and soul until it became so unfashionable and his chat show offers were decreasing.

    Tell me, what the fuck does Andrew Sullivan do for the gay community? I am not a huge fan of the
    HRC, but Sullivan is in it for himself.

    His hypocrisy is annoying.

  • Chris

    Leaders in the HRC are free to give to whoever they please. Perhaps they, huh, thought Hillary was a much better candidate than Obama, like 17 million other people!

    Perhaps they also thought that after refusing their request to remove a homophobic, ex-gay nut job from his gospel tour, Obama could go screw himself.

    Andrew Sullivan can also go screw himself, or others, probably bareback, since we’ve learned that’s what this disease-spreading whore prefers.

  • blake

    Sullivan has a history of hypocrisy, racism, and Clinton hating that goes beyond the pale (for years he bragged about helping to kill Hillary’s universal health care plan).

    But, even a blind and deaf dog can learn a new trick. In Sullivan’s case, he finally figured out that the Republicans really hated gay people and his ass kissing wasn’t getting him anywhere. After watching BushCo shred the Constitution and cluster f**k the Iraq War, Sully threw up his hands and jumped ship.

    So, that’s Sully’s story. Hate him for his past misdeeds but respect him for at least trying to make up for his mistakes (even if he still deserves a kick and the pants).

  • CitizenGeek

    Andrew Sullivan, though I enjoy his blog, really has very little credibility with me for many of the reasons listed by Blake above.

    The HRC could do better, but that could be said of any minority lobbying group.

  • Jack Jett

    Chris and Blake….Ditto.

    Combine those two statements and you pretty much have the real bio of Annie Sullivan

  • Tom

    Sorry, Blake, but I’m less forgiving of Andrew Sullivan’s past wrongs than you. Sullivan only manages to learn new tricks when his old ones have been thoroughly revealed to be giant disasters. He’s all about afterthought. Think about his past wrongheadedness: gay Republican, Bush lover, Iraq War cheerleader, and “AIDS is over.” That’s exactly why I view his support of Obama as validation of my belief that Obama is a disaster in the making.

  • mark snyder

    They endorsed Joe Lieberman – enough said!

  • Charley

    HRC did say they will give or gave $500,000.00 to fight the religious right initiative on the CA ballot. I mentioned this on a conference call with organizers of and they went moot. I wonder if the logs gave any? They are also on the coalition list with HRC.

  • Jack Jett

    Ditto Tom too.

    I remember how he kept bashing Hillary for voting for the war when he was the Head Cheerleader for
    the Bush Warmongers. No one ever calls these pussy pundits on their shit. They say it, and then gloss over in.

    Hey Sully…if you are reading this…….we are calling you on your shit.
    So fess up.

  • Coromandel

    who is the total hottie on the right?

  • RPCV

    Awful writing, guys. Bet Freddy777 didn’t write it – he’s a really good writer, you know??

  • RPCV

    By the way, Freddy777, don’t you ever work? You’re writing on this site 24/7. One of two reasons: 1. You have a sugar daddy, or 2. You’re part of the Kwame K administration and, as such, since you don’t have any work to do you can spend all day on Queerty………..

  • Charley

    Sullivan is a devout Catholic…Weird, in view of homophobe Benny Ratz the Pope. Total disconnect.

  • Coromandel

    sorry, my mistake. not a hottie at all. got to get these damned contacts cleaned.

  • Joe Lieberman

    Sweet Jesus, there can’t be a bigger egomaniacal asshole than Andrew Sullivan! He is a disgrace to the gay community and the human race! I wish he were dead!

  • fredo777

    I wasn’t aware that workplaces didn’t have internet access…

    This isn’t exactly a NSFW-site.

  • RPCV

    Then Freddy777, if you’re accessing this site at work, wasting government time, and misusing equipment, then I’d fire your ass if you were on my staff. Count your blessings you’re not on my staff……..

  • fredo777

    God help anyone who’d have to work with you.

  • michael

    Sullivan=100% loser
    HRC=85% loser

  • CitizenGeek

    I really don’t understand how he can say that the HRC are ‘busted’ by records that show it’s members donated the most to Hillary Clinton. Afterall, she’s the one that’s addressed the HRC, she’s the one that’s marched in a Pride parade, and she’s just as strong on gay issues in general as Obama is. Why, then, does he think it’s unethical for HRC’s staff to support her?

  • CAm

    I don’t think I can ever forgive HRC for trying to block gays fight for Marraige Rights. They tried to convince the couples in Hawaii, MA, VT, and the Mayor of San Fran to NOT push for Marraige rights because it might hurt the struggle for hate crimes etc… in other words, don’t fight for real rights because you will hurt are little lobbying initiatives here in DC that keep us all employed. Oh, and thanks to the people that IGNORED HRC we have marraige in MA and CA and civil unions in VT. As far as I’m concerned HRC may as well be working for the other side. The state equality initiatives get our money now.

  • Paul

    Can’t someone just shoot him and make this world a better place??? No, seriously!

  • slider

    Cam, I feel the same way you do about HRC and when they pulled that garbage in 2004…is when I stopped sending my annual dues…..Larry Kramer got it right about HRC..they are all about self perpetuation and built a multimillion dollar corporate headquarters…pay themselves nice salaries and get us zero any other standards in the real world..the morons that run the place (including the types like Hillary Rosen) would have been fired a long time ago.

  • michael

    I am long over the HRC. If the country club gays need a little club
    to validate their existence then they can have them. Also, Andrew Sullivan is not an American, and I hope his ass is deported before there are any changes in the immigration laws, after he’s out of here let everyone else in but he’s just a piece of shit that needs to go away.

  • Mr C

    So miss R2D2 or rather RPCV some people just have the opportunity to browse during the day. And we’re all glad we are not on your team. Because I know me for certain would be terminated for fucking your ass up.

    Fredo be unbothered by unworthy vermin.


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