Summer Heights High Genius Chris Lilley Brings Angry Boys To HBO

Australian comedian Chris Lilley has become a household name in his homeland—and a cult star in the U.S.—with mockumentary series like Summer Heights High, which followed three offbeat characters in a suburban Australian high-school (all played by Lilley, who has a penchant for cross-dressing).

His newest series, Angry Boys, is also a faux-reality series—one that profiles misfit lads from different walks of life. Among the characters Lilley inhabits are rapper S.mouse, twins Nathan and Daniel Sims, juvie-hall guard Gran and Jen Okazaki, an overbearing Japanese mother who decides  the best way to market her skateboarding son Tim is to announce to the world that he’s gay. (“Don’t be shy—we know you like cock!”)

Which is news to Tim.

While Angry Boys has just wrapped its 12-episode run Down Under, the series will be coming to HBO some time later this year. We only hope Lilley doesn’t heed the siren call of Hollywood and do an American version. That didn’t turn out so well for Little Britain.