WorldPride, Olympics, Queen’s Jubilee, And 17 More Must-Dos In London This Summer

Get ready, world: You’re about to catch London fever. A trifecta of supercharged international events—the Summer Olympics, Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, and WorldPride 2012—will keep eyes focused on the British capital for the next several months, as its streets overflow with athletes, royalists, and gays (sometimes all in one).

And if the Big Three weren’t already enough, scads of top-tier cultural events—from Da Vinci and Shakepeare exhibits to Madonna and Rhianna concerts—will keep London ablaze this summer

So for those who’ll be there, for those who’re thinking of going (there’s still time, but you might want to get on that), and for those who just want to watch from afar, we’ve compiled the city’s 20 hottest events this season. Consider this your ultimate guide to the Summer of London.

Images by Pride London / One Sunny Day

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