Sundance Takes Girls Who Likes Boys Who Like Boys To Nashville


Apparently the South is the latest and greatest place for gays to flock to. First we had The A-List Dallas, and now the Sundance Channel has taken it’s gay reality series, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, to Nashville. Have things gotten substantially better for homos below the Mason-Dixon line—or is Sundance just eager to find conflict in the Bible Belt? (Probably a little of both.)

This year’s “boys” include a gay Evangelical and a single dad, while the “girls” include the wife of a marine in Afghanistan and a former child actress. (Oh pleeez let it be Kim Richards from Real Housewife of Beverly Hills!)



Actually, judging from this teaser clip, GWLBWLB have been studiously watching both A-List and Housewives—there’s drug-addled confrontations, curse-ridden arguments, unrequited romances and lots of stunned reaction shots.

Lord, it’s like a night at the Grand Ole Opry.



Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys returns to the Sundance Channel on November 18 at 9pm.

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  • Cam

    Gee, a show about Straight women with some gay sidekicks….this is good for gays how?

  • Marie Cohn

    Why is Sundance Channel cluttering up its roster with this Logo/Bravo cack? (and diminishing its “brand”).

  • Greenluv1322

    Okay, I seriously hate this fucking shit. I really don’t like these relationships. The gay dude always seems to want to please the hetero lady, so bad. It’s pathetic. Don’t like quasi hetero “relationships at all.

  • Marcus

    Please not another show about a black person chasing after a white sad.

  • Hephaestion

    It looks light years better than the silly “A List” shows.

  • Jeff

    Ugh not a stupid show about pathetic ex closet queens who can’t move on and accept that they’re gay and feel as though they need to have fag hags in their lives just because they’re gay men, and didn’t come out for decades and instead stayed closeted.

  • Fletcher8

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  • shannon


  • Lunatic Fringe

    I’d rather watch something where most characters or gay or lesbian and there are very few stereotypes. This show just reinforces stereotypes and brings lame drama- boring.

    Marcus: What… how is the Black woman any different than the white women and their gay bffs? Why does everything have to be about race?

  • Anthony

    better than A-list. I mean the promo made it look more emotional and less about drama. Not necessarily “real” whatever that is, but not as bad as A-list

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