Sunday, Bloody Sunday

It’s really nice that Massachusetts exists. Sure, Boston kind of blows, but it’s a pretty state, it’s definitely intrinsic American history, and they like gay people. Well, some of them, at least.

As you may know, Governor Mitt Romney counts himself as one of the haters: a bigoted point of view he made astonishingly clear when he participated in the Family Reseach Councils so-called “Liberty Sunday.”

A gathering of the Evangelical variety, the event aimed to encourage Christian voters to turn out for next month’s mid-term elections. It’s already been shown that in the wake of Bob Ney’s conviction, Mark Foley’s resignation, and Speaker Dennis “Hasturd” Hastert’s misinformation, the Republican party’s core constituency may be a little civic shy. Thus, Romney lent his name (By the way, what kind of name is Mitt? Is it short for something? Like “Mitten”, maybe?) to reinforce the message that homos are a pock on the soul of America. The Boston Globe reports:

In an attempt to motivate religious conservatives to go to the polls next month, a national organization of family values activists will join Governor Mitt Romney and more than 1,000 local churchgoers today to argue to evangelicals that the legalization of same-sex marriage here is threatening religious liberty throughout the country.

The event, dubbed “Liberty Sunday” by its organizer, the Family Research Council, will be simulcast from the Tremont Temple Baptist Church , near Boston Common, to hundreds of churches. It will also be broadcast on several Christian television and radio networks as well as over the Internet…[to] a potential audience of 79 million, but says it is impossible to measure exactly how many people really tune in.

79 million? Holy shit. We certainly never draw those kind of numbers. Speaking of that number: in our own personal translation of The Bible, 79 represents lowest possible number of fucking idiots in Hell.

Coincidence? Well, considering we just made that up, no. But, if it were true, it’d be a brilliant matter of happenstance.

Of course, not all Evangelicals hate the homos. Pastors from a number of Evangelical churches across the state have taken aim at those who use religion for evil. Reverend Barry W. Lynne of a The United Church of Christ says:

This is part of this year’s crusade to get out the vote for the most conservative Republican candidates possible, and to use the imagery of religion to do so… The rhetoric at their past events has been so inflammatory, it should be an embarrassment to anyone even if they’re anti-gay marriage. The event is a common scare tactic to advance their anti gay agenda.

But, what does he know?? He’s just the executive director of Americans United for a Separation of Church and State.

The fact that we even need such an organization makes us sick.